This is my first time trying out the Mill strategy. I saw some pretty interesting decks around the site and in other places, and decided to give it a shot

Milling cards:

Other spells:


In the maybeboard there are other great cards for Mill. Ensnaring Bridge , Mesmeric Orb , Surgical Extraction and fetchlands (with their buddy Fatal Push ) are top-shelf cards for this but I'm not rich, and this is why the deck has the Budget tag

I created this mainly based on the well known Rock 'n' Mill (and a list of all MTG's mill cards) and Competitive Modern Mill decks, plus others I saw in other websites

Also I don't usually go to tournaments and this deck is more than enough for fun battles with my friends, and if and when I get the maybeboard cards I can bring the deck to a competition with more confidence, although I think it works well like it is

Please upvote and leave your thoughts (pun intended) bellow if you like it!


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