"I'm not looking forward to my draw phase..." Said no one ever. Until they faced this deck.

This deck was initially purchased as an official 2013 Commander Deck (Mind Seize) and has received about ~50% of the deck changed from the store bought version, and will continue to be changed as I acquire better cards.

The purpose of this deck is to focus around forcing other players to draw cards and deal infect damage, and with cards such as Nekusar, the Mindrazer, Underworld Dreams, Kederekt Parasite and infect cards like Glistening Oil, Corrupted Conscience and others, each card drawn means at least 1 damage, if not a poison counter. 10 poison counters means death, even in Commander. With spell cloning and discard/redraw abilities, it's entirely possible (and I have done) combinations forcing people to draw up to 25 cards in one combo, and at 2-4 damage per card drawn or damage + infect, thereby doing almost a hundred points of damage and more than 10 infect counters to all players besides you. This will wipe the board clean of all players except you.

The deck has undergone a few major overhauls, now lending to several different strategies, including Infect equipment and enchantments to really make things more dangerous. It now also forces discarding as well and deals damage for discarding with cards like Liliana's Caress and Megrim. The deck now has many more possibilities to play with. ;)

If all else fails, it means you force other players to chew through a large portion of their deck for a potential mill victory. And always remember the deck's motto:

"Giveth with one hand, taketh with the other."


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Just decided to take the advice of a few folks here and MASSIVELY changed this deck around. Only about 50% of it is still the original storebought deck now. I added multiple enchantments and equipment cards, allowing you to semi-voltron your commander and get people to draw 10 cards, which makes them take poison counters instead of damage.

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