Hi and welcome to my Commander deck featuring the Masked Enchantress, Estrid, the Masked

Out of all 4 of the C18 commanders, Estrid, the Masked caught my eye the most as a fantastic utility commander with all 3 of her abilities being relevant. So lets go into each ability separately.

+2: Untap all enchanted permanents you control. This allows us to abuse land enchantment for extra mana or some of our 'tap for effect' creatures like Arcanis the Omnipotent or Hanna, Ship's Navigator . It also gives our enchanted creatures pseudo-vigilance if used after combat.

-1: Enchant permanent with a Mask token, granting totem armor. This is a powerful ability and combos well with the +2 ability. We can enchant any permanent to protect it from 'destroy' effects or simply untap a double mana land. Sadly it doesn't stop 'sacrifice' or 'exile' effects but still, a fantastic ability.

-7: Mill 7 then return all enchantments to the battlefield then all aura's. Personally, I feel this is the strongest ultimate of all 4 of the precon commanders. Late game if this goes off it will swing the game back into your favor.

Picking the correct time to play Estrid, the Masked is important. Very rarely is she a turn 3-4 play as need a board presence to get the most value out of her and protect her since she has none built in. Also, don't always aim straight for the ultimate, quite often she works best when going between her -1 and +2.

So we have gone into the workings of our Planeswalkermander, lets go into the meat of the deck. As I said before, she is a utility commander. Estrid, the Masked alone will not win the game but will enable the rest of our deck to do so. We have a good mix of ability creatures and evasive creatures to try and get the job done. These are supported by some strong auras to enchant them with. Some noteworthy cards in this department are:

Sovereigns of Lost Alara - aura tutor every combat. This allows us to find any of our creature aura's depending on what our needs are. Arcanis the Omnipotent - With Estrid's +2, we can draw 6 cards per turn. Heliod, God of the Sun - Mana sink and hard to remove. Bruna, Light of Alabaster - late game with a few auras in the graveyard can win the game.

We also run a few Bestow creatures. While they are generally on the more expensive side to enchant our creatures with, they have the benefit of becoming creatures themselves if their primary dies. Again, provides good recovery after a board wipe.

Since this is an enchantress deck, lets talk about the enchantments themselves. We run the standard enchantresses card draw package to help us keep our card draw engine going (it's worth protecting at least one source with a mask). Sigil of the Empty Throne can go nuts if left unchecked with all the enchantments in the deck. Flickering Ward would allow us repeatable enchantment cast triggers for a simple W and W. although there is only one planeswalker in the deck, Oath of Teferi means we can get double Estrid activations. Since we always have access to her, I don't feel it's a dud include. Finally, Enchanted Evening is an absolute bomb in the deck. Generally will win the game if Aura Thief dies with it out. It makes our Ancestral Mask 'ed creature huge and Tuvasa the Sunlit a monster. It is also great mass enchantment removal prevention as people are reluctant to be 'that guy' and wipe the board. There are some other game ending combos with Enchanted Evening but as a personal choice, I didn't want to include them.

It is worth noting this deck runs less than standard removal across the board. The deck itself only runs 2 board wipes and 2 pieces of instant speed spot removal. We do rely on others to answers problems sometimes and should only use ours when faced with immediate danger. The 2 counterspells in the deck should generally be saved for mass enchantment removal or if someone is about to win. If you wanted more, you can change out some of the auras in favour of more spot removal. The deck also runs 0 standard green ramp in favor of land enchantments since this synergies well with Estrid and people are less inclined to hit your simple land ramp over a bigger threat.

Thanks for checking out my iteration of the C18 Adaptive Enchantments figurehead. If you like this deck, feel free to check out my other decks below:

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