Unified Mystical Teaching v1.21

Pauper* Daalot


Moderate changes —July 14, 2019

For the first time in three years of playing the deck, I have removed Evincar's Justice and Pristine Talisman .

These cards served two purposes: Controlling aggro decks, and acting as a secondary win condition, both of which are now achievable through more efficient means.

At the time of posting, the three most commonly played decks on MTGO (also where im playing this list right now) are:

  • Burn
  • Tron
  • Boros Snow-aggro

Evincar's Justice does not perform particularly well in any of these match-ups. (granted, looping it to kill a burn player is tremendously satisfying). While gaining life each turn versus burn is obviously excellent, having to chose between tapping out and letting the artifact rot in your hand until turn six is less so.

Likewise versus Boros, their biggest threats (Seeker and Skyfisher) both easily avoid the slow sorcery. Desert and Innocent Blood both do a good job at killing small creatures without spending large amounts of mana/tempo.

I have included Crypt Incursion in the main board in this iteration as a way to gain additional life. The times it will randomly exile a combo piece verses Tron is also non-zero.

Likewise, Evincar's Justice has become obsolete as a win-con with the printing of cards like Devious Cover-Up and Ash Barrens (to facilitate the splash for Sprout Swarm ).