Unified Mystical Teaching v1.21

Pauper* Daalot


Progress report 1.0 —Sept. 22, 2016

After a bit of testing against various different decks, I have to following to supply:

Affinity: This is not a good match up by any means. The super-aggro opening that Affinity provides often lets them overwhelm you with board presence. Counterspells and Edicts are far less effective when your opponents is playing 2+ creatures a turn. Evincar's Justice also loses a lot of potency against various creatures with 4 toughness (such as Myr Enforcer ).

Post-SB, things don't get much better. I'm considering adding Steel Sabotage to my sideboard just to have a better chance.

Bogles: This matchup is far better than the above mentioned one. The plethora of Edict effects work wonders against hexproof creatures. If they play Khalni Garden on turn one, it can be a bit annoying (to waist a spell on a single token), but at the end of the day you have more answers than they do threats.

After sideboarding, things get even better. You can take out dead, target-based removal (like Doom Blade and add more edicts, Nausea , and Evincar's Justice . I did not lose a single game (and therefor match) after sideboarding.

Izzet Blitz/Fiend: If you lose this matchup, you're doing something wrong. This deck relies on single, highly potent threats which you are more than capable of dealing with between counterspells and Edicts. Since we're not running any creatures, all of the bolt-like spells they play will have to hit your face. This would be a problem if we didn't have so many ways to gain life. But we do.

After game one, they will be hesitant to play a threat as long as they don't have their own countermagic to protect it. Dispel and Negate will make it an absolute nightmare for them. With it is counterintuitive to counter a counter spell, this is often what will seal a victory. You're not losing card advantage, but rather spending a resource you have in abundance to deny one they have a limit of.

"Five-color" Domain:: This matchup was usually decided by the end of the fourth turn. Either they were able to combo Nylea's Presence with any number of select creatures, or they were not. It should be noted that Qasali Pridemage is a great way to deal with Curse of the Bloody Tome so keep this in mind. They have more cats than you have curses.