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Standard* Mono-Green Ramp



Looking to keep this post-rotation.

So try m13 and and Innistrad block only.

Birds of Paradise and arbor elves for some first turn Mana Dorks, both of which have the capability of yielding me a mana of any color, when paired with Abundant Growth.

Farseek and Borderland Ranger for some Land Fetching.

Elvish Visionarys help me draw cards to get the ones i need and are good chump blockers.

Thragtusk is a great mid game card to gain life and create some creatures.

Roaring Primadox is a good blocker and synergizes well with Elvish Visionary, Borderland Ranger , and Thragtusk.

Garruk Relentless  Flip is a great card to add a little bit of a control aspect.

Gilded Lotus fills in missing mana positions and helps ramp.

Fogs help protect my planeswalkers after they have been cast.

Thanks for looking. :)


Updates Add

Added predator ooze and Elderscale wurm.

Predator ooze was suggested by a lot of people.

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