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Unesh, I have come to bargain!

Commander / EDH Casual Mono-Blue Multiplayer Tribal



Oh me, oh my! It seems like you have stumbled upon

THE GREATEST DECK EVER! Congratulations! Your search is over, no need to build any other deck, it's already done! Take it and leave!

Okay, fine, so that might be to go a bit too far, but it's a damn sweet deck. It has me in stiches every time I play it - And not just because it has a 100% win record! No, but because it's silly. So silly, in fact, that it wins.

So, let me explain! This is a mono-blue ramp taking turns beatdown tribal deck. It's main goal is to play sphinxes for only 2 blue (Okay, sometimes 3 blue, but you are not willing to go higher than that!), and with each draw anywhere between 1 and 4(!) cards, digging for any of the legal mono-blue timewalks in the format. This is followed by taking extra turns and beating people with Flying Monster Hybrid Philosophers until each opponent is preferably not only dead, but also feeling a bit ashamed about what just happened.

This goal may sound far fetched, but in fact it... Well, ain't. Mainly because people look at Unesh in your command zone and goes "Pff, what's that, a stupid goat with wings, must suck lolsobad" and ignores you while you're playing mana rocks. Occasionally they might look over and go "Man, that's a lot of mana!" to which you respond something along the lines "Yeah, ugh, just wish I had something to do with it..." To which they respond "Well, you can play your lolbad Goatlion!", to which you reply "Sigh I guess...", followed by you playing him and hoping he doesn't reveal a timewalk as he lands. Not that him doing so screws you over totally, but it makes your opponents more weary.

Here you just wait a bit, look forlorn and ask people to be nice to you because you're playing mono-blue Sphinx tribal, look, you even have Serra Sphinx, please don't hit me, it's just a silly goat with wings. Then... You win. Yeah, basically. After you accumulated a critical amount of mana (The best is if you have at least another cost reducer besides Unesh as well in play), and everyone else is exhausted from doing silly, non-Riddlemeistertribal stuff, you play a sphinx. And another Sphinx. By now you should have hit at least 1 timewalk, or sit with one in your hand. If you reveal one, you always pick it. Basically. Circumstances might change this, obviously, but you know, as a rule. You start casting timewalks, hitting people in the air with your Sexy Blue Flying Squad, and play more sphinxes, getting you more timewalks. Soon everyone but you are dead, confused and most likely humiliated. Congratulations! You have reached MtG Nirvana, on the back of Unesh, the Criosphinx Sovereign!

Now, about the different cards!

Most are quite straight-forward, following the plan. Time Walks, Sphinxes, Mana Rocks. I count Cost Reducers and Mana Doublers as Mana Rocks in this case. There are however a few exceptions:

1.Timetwister/Commit to Memory/Time Spiral/Time Reversal. 2.Rites of Replication 3.Swarm Intelligence/Cast Through Time 4.Bribery/Blatant Thievery 5.Future Sight 6.Teferi, Temporal Archmage

First of, the Reclaim and Redraw cards. These are quite straight forward and I'm sure most of you have already figured out what they're used for. They stop you from decking out and allows you a chance to draw a new, fresh hand if you cannot get one in any other way. These cards are, as always, dangerous, but are powerful enough to cover up for it.

Secondly, Rites of Replication. This is simply one of my favorite cards in MtG, and it's one of of those cards that can do really cool and dumb stuff in Commander. In this deck, for instance, you can kick it to get 5 Unesh triggers! You can also target Unesh to get 25 Unesh triggers!... That mills your entire deck though, so... Don't. :P But, yah, it's just a powerhouse card that I really enjoy and it almost always pays of.

Thirdly, Swarm Intelligence and Cast Through Time. These two make any of your timewalks into Time Stretches! That may seem like overkill, but trust me, it's seriously worth it. Swarm Intelligence especially has won games for me, just by ltting me get double untaps to swing for leathal. They're pricy, but very strong if they get to stick to the board, and your day isn't ruined if they get destroyed.

Fourth! Bribery and Blatant Thievery! Well, you know. You're mono-blue and you got tons of mana, these two cards are just very very good. Not much to say, I just think they're worth the slots, they're totally replaceable if you disagree.

Fifth, Future Sight. yeah, so... I am actually not a fan of this card myself, I find it very oftenly being a 5-mana do nothing card. However, I thik it works here, if nothing else it allows you to dig through lands at the top of your deck, which is sweet!

And, finally, Teferi, Temporal Archmage. So, this is interesting. First time I played this deck it was in no way intended to be be a deck that wins. I just wanted to build Sphinx Tribal, and threw all of this together without really thinking. In that first game, I resolved Teferi and proceeded to untap the big mana rocks, and realized exactly how much power he brings with just that one ability. The rest doesn't really matter. He untaps FOUR permanents! That is an insane amount of ramping with the right stuff! He himself can pay for your biggest spells, and with timewalks you get to activate him over and over. Don't replace him, trust me, he is absolutely wild.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but please remember to be nice! ... Except if you decide to play this deck, it's very fun but admittedly not very nice. xD


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