Do you play Pauper because you're tired of all the degenerate graveyard decks running around in Modern killing you all the time? Well, I got some bad news for ya because this deck of all commons is exactly that type of linear graveyard unfair shenanigans running around in Modern! This deck is almost like the Pauper version of Bridgevine or Izzet Phoenix, in that our goal is to use Faithless Looting , Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice to dump as many creatures with the Unearth mechanic into the graveyard. The Unearth mechanic is essentially like a Flashback for creatures, in that it allows us to bring them back from the graveyard into play if we pay it's Unearth cost. The goal of the deck is to essentially bring back 4-6 Unearth creatures from our graveyard into play, boost them with a Scourge Devil and swing for the kill. Now some of you who work for the Mana IRS may be concerned with how we plan on getting the mana to bring back all these Viscera Dragger , Dregscape Zombie and First-Sphere Gargantua and we do intend to pay all of the Unearth costs, so quit accusing me of tax fraud. However, we are going to need some loans in the form of Rite of Flame , Cabal Ritual , and Songs of the Damned to effectively ramp us up to the amount of mana we need to win the game on the spot. The part about this deck that I personally enjoy is that even though we are trying to mow our opponent down in a single turn, the deck can be quite grindy since our Unearth creatures act as solid 2 for 1's if cast fairly and cards like Rotting Rats and First-Sphere Gargantua let us grind an opponent out if we can't quite kill in one hit or if we aren't ready to go off yet. The sideboard is pretty simple, we got Diabolic Edict , Blazing Volley and Lightning Axe for aggro/midrange decks, Pyroblast as defense against counterspells, Bojuka Bog for grave hate that doesn't disrupt the combo shell, and Smash to Smithereens is great against artifact decks and graveyard hate cards. The deck overall isn't really that great as it does fold completely to graveyard hate and can come up just a little short in some games but at the very least it's a pretty fun meme deck that can go from discarding your hand en masse the whole game to killing your opponent in a single turn. Even better, this deck costs less than 2 Arclight Phoenix !


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