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The deck is mainly based around Evolve & undying, using Simics new ability to remove counters from undying so they can be used again.

There is some lovely synergy between Strangleroot Geist/ Young Wolf /Vorapede and Zameck Guildmage/Ooze Flux as well, allowing for them to be reset and provide an extra card draw every time or another creature that could trigger evolve.

Using the undying to trigger Champion of Lambholt helps to get damage through, which can also be aided with Biomass / Increasing Savagery to quickly buff Champion.

Rancor is an obvious choice, a powerful enchant that doesn't care about undying. Please, any suggestions and recommendations are welcome.


MB: -4 - Elusive Krasis -1 Rapid Hybridization+3 Bioshift+2 Simic Manipulator

Reason behind this is for extra control against other aggro decks, being able to use Bioshift in a pinch when either being blocked or blocking turning either their threat into nothing or my weak creature into a big threat. So many uses for it, being able to save a creature that has counters and is about to die to prevent a loss of counters etc. The manipulator will be perfect against both control and aggro, with control decks it will be relatively easy to take utility creatures, and will allow for a quick start against aggro by stealing their early creatures leaving their field more exposed.

SB: +2 Simic Manipulator-1 Ground Seal-1 Essence Scatter

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