Ok so I have heard before that land destruction isn't the most ideal deck, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. I really like the idea, and if I can pull it off I bet it will be awesome to play with. If not to just see the looks on people's faces when they can't play the game.

So random monologue aside I feel like the idea is pretty straightforward. I have cards like Sinkhole and Rain of Tears destroying their lands, while Distress and Hypnotic Specter chip away at their hands. The burn spells like Fireball are there to give me some damage, and toughen me up a bit. Although the hand and land destruction is the key point I do need some damage to make me a threat.

I really feel like this deck (or at least the concept) has some potential, so any feedback is great appreciated! I really want to build a nasty land destruction deck. Also I am contemplating removing the hand discard for even more land destruction, because if I do that well then they shouldn't even be able to play any cards.


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Ok so for my first update these are the cards I removed and their replacements. Any comments are appreciated!

I threw 2x Slaughter Games into the side board as per Cobthecobbler's suggestion to remove any cards that could mess with my game. I do like the card purge it provides.

I threw 2x Wake of Destruction into the side board as well as he suggested for the reason he gave. In the off chance they have some mana ramping like green has got I want to make sure I can handle that.

I removed Mind Shatter for Rakdos's Return because it's just a better version. Same mana cost for the same discard plus the loss of life.

I added 3x Dingus Egg as per Stevegreve's suggestion. Its just adding damage to my land destruction. I took out Vampire Nighthawk and 2x Distress's to put it in.

I removed Shadowblood Ridge in exchange for 3x Wasteland and an extra Rakdos Carnarium for the added land destruction and more mana in the long run.

Lastly I replaced Stone Rain with Pillage as ImaGitYa suggested because it just seems like a more powerful version.

I would like to find room for Crucible of Worlds also suggested by ImaGitYa for the combo he gave me, however I don't know what to remove for it so that may come in a later update.


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