Lady, three white leopards sat under a juniper tree
in the cool of the day, having fed to satiety
on my legs my heart my liver and that which had been contained
in the hollow round of my skull. And God said
Shall these bones live? Shall these
bones live? And that which had been contained
in the bones (which were already dry) said, chirping:
because of the goodness of this Lady
and because of her loveliness, and because
she honours the Virgin in meditation,
we shine with brightness.

-- T.S. Eliot, Ash Wednesday, 1930

The latest iteration of my Shadowborn Apostles deck -- from Athreos, to Teysa, to Karador, and now to Sidar + Tymna.

What Sidar + Tymna do is give me a midgame and some much, much-needed draw. Previously, I was essentially counting to six and patiently waiting, and then my deck would get going. Curving out with Sidar and Tymna and getting card draw off of unblockable Apostle combat damage is much more appealing.


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