This deck is a powerful voltron deck. In casual settings it will dominated your meta in both 1v1 and multiplayer, forcing your meta to adapt to fast and powerful creatures (IE more board wipes and mass enchantment removal).

The bulk of the price in this deck comes from the very powerful $5 general, Uril. The rest of the cards are cheap enchantments (both in cmc and $$$) to make use of his power +2/+2 ability.

The deck itself runs 43 lands (11 of each basic, and 1 of each tap land, which is easy and cheap to acquire), which are not factored into the price. The reason for so many lands is due to a lack of mana ramp, it is vital to never miss a land drop in this deck, and never be color screwed.

Without upgrading, the deck doesn't do much for the first 5 turns, but starting turn 6 or 7, you will most likely start one-shoting people with commander damage easily. 4 enchantments give him a +8/+8 bonus (total of 13), then if each of those echantments gives atleast +2/+2, that's 21 damage right there! Once you start improving the deck, the beatdown will come down a lot faster!

To upgrade this deck, simply replace the extra lands with mana rocks, mana ramps and possibly mana dorks as contingency creatures. Then add in some removal and some enchantress spells (don't forget Retether!).

Then, start switching out the enchantments for better ones likes Spectra Ward, Shield of the Oversoul Armadillo Cloak, Hyena Umbra , Gaea's Embrace, Rancor, Unflinching Courage , Daybreak Coronet, Flickering Ward , Flickerform or my personal favorites Celestial Mantle, Epic Proportions and Mythic Proportions .

Update 1: added in several mana dorks and mana ramp card, this probably will shoot the price to ~$11-12 tcg low and ~$14-15 TCG medium.



Mareykan says... #1

Faqs The $10 price tag differs from the TCG price tag on the right because of (probably)...

1) TCG includes the land base, I am assuming you can get the basics and even the non-basics in this deck for free because they are so common.

2) TCG medium prices are slightly skewed for low priced cards (for nearly every card the low is 5-9 cents, the medium is 15-20 cents, and the high is over $1)

3) TCG likes to get funky in with their Shipping prices

4) Cards spike and change over time... back when I started playing mana ramp used to be cheap, now even Cultivate is sitting over $1.50.

January 17, 2017 10:10 p.m.

Mal_Mutation says... #2

I love this deck

January 22, 2017 8:48 p.m.

Triton says... #3

This is awesome. XD I love seeing extremely budget decks haha.

March 18, 2017 12:31 p.m.

I love this deck lol, I didn't expect to run that well lol

May 23, 2017 12:55 a.m.

Abdash7 says... #5

Super Awesome Deck! I love the concept of creating EDH decks on the cheap because they usually end up to be a lot of fun and they give your wallet a break.

June 18, 2017 3:09 p.m.

kolganov501 says... #6

In this deck only two non-permanent spells, why not to put Primal Surge as ultimate finisher?btw nice budget deck, I like it!

August 19, 2017 11:30 a.m.

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