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Undead Dragon Hordes: Scion Aggro

Commander / EDH Aggro Dragons Five Color Ramp Reanimator




Deck goal: ramp/card advantage into plan A: Scion beat down. Plan B: reanimate a ton of hasty dragons, multiple times.

This deck tries hard to put dragons into my graveyard, and into play without paying their mana cost. I try to take advantage of single recursion and mass recursion by playing Sarkhan the Mad for possible one-turn kills (other than general damage) as well.

I also can use them in my hand with Sneak Attack and Survival of the Fittest, but I try to get around most control decks by simply throwing too many threats out onto the board for anyone to deal with. That's the objective at least.

I'd love to make this deck as competitive as as I can without doing infinite combos and such. I have no budget limit for this deck.


Updates Add

-Primeval Titan +Kokusho, the Evening Star

-Green Sun's Zenith +Utvara Hellkite: can't search for prime time now so forget about this card haha.

-Reflecting Pool +Taiga, -Jungle Shrine +Stomping Ground: just improving the mana base.

Plus made space for comments :-)

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