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Undead Beat-Stick: Grimgrin the Corpse-Born

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Undead Beat-Stick: Grimgrin the Corpse-Born

This is a zombie themed Grimgrin, The Corpse-born EDH deck. The deck uses Grimgrin as a giant beat-stick, along with ample graveyard recursion to keep our horde numbers high.

A little about why this deck is what it is. I mainly play 1v1 budget EDH and I wanted to stick more with the theme than to make this a "competitive" deck. So, I have abstained from using cards like Crypt Ghast, Wonder, Filth , or any other non-zombie themed card. Although, you could easily use this deck as a template and just add those desired cards.

SideBoard/MaybeBoard can be found here.

Any improvements along the lines I have listed above would be greatly appreciated!



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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