This is the first commander deck I've made, and still my favourite and maybe the strongest. :)

The main strategy here is to cast Bruna and kill with commander damage in a single attack~

To get there, I enchant my creatures in the early game in order to draw cards, earn life and search for auras as soon as possible... There is a lot of mana rocks and haste / flash enablers. When I have enough sense of security to do so, I deliver the final blow with ~ ONE PUNCH ~ from an unblockable Bruna (unblockable, protection from creatures, whatever). The two artifact boots are here in order to make this attack faster. Hall of the Bandit Lord also helps a lot!

Usually I kill one player per hit, but you can't just cast Bruna whenever you like 'cause everyone focuses her. I play in the usual Azorius way, controlling what I can and managing my threat. Sometimes I win without even casting Bruna at all, just using over-enchanted creatures! There's no downside using my auras in other creatures 'cause my commander can retrieve everything from the battlefield and my graveyard.

It is safer to play Bruna just when I'm sure I can protect her for a turn ( Mizzium Skin, Cloudshift, Otherworldly Journey, counterspells, protective auras like Vanishing and Felidar Umbra, etc) or when she has haste, then she attacks and gets all the protection she needs.

When played right I believe Bruna is a tier 1 commander, I have so much backup for her that people just can't do anything when I decide to attack. And usually I can stall the game to get there.

That's all, upvote if you agree Bruna is the strongest Voltron commander out there! =D


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Welp, I've made this deck 3 years ago, I guess it is time to reset the discussion because many things have changed!

And I finally could find a single Hall of the Bandit Lord! \o/

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