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42 Spells, Avg. CMC = 1.29, But SHIT HAPPENS!

Modern Casual Combo Control U/R (Izzet)




Originally this was a deck built around 4x Invisible Stalker. Still one of my Top 5 Fav Creatures ever!

The core was Last Thoughts + Hidden Strings + Invisible Stalker with Cipher when it was in Standard.... But now it is 5-6 Creatures that all feed each other with great Card Synergy.

With 23 spells "Targeting", Swiftspears Prowess, A "Delver" and that "Flips", Pyro's 1/1 Elemental Tokens, 2X +1/+1 Counters being added to an UNBLOCKED Nivmagus?? wink wink OR Deals 2 damage to Bad Guy Opponents by Gutter-Snipe-ing them and Just throw in an Unblockable Hexproof Stalker "Free-Casting" more spells..... P.S. all the cards I just mentioned, Guttersnipe costs 3 CMC ALL THE REST, 1 OR 2 CMC

There is only 18 lands in here but at CMC Available thru 4 turns, This deck will get outta hand @ 2X Islands and 2X Mountains...

I can Picture 22 Gutter Snipe Dmg, With 1 Dmg from Stalker and 9 Dmg from Delver by T4 (gut shot Health loss though) Wink Wink. or 9 x Elemental Tokens and a Nivmagus' @ 11/12 also by T4....

You have 23 Instant's and Sorcery spells, with another 19 Creatures. All of which cost OR or a combination of 1x . or .

Cheap and Fast ..... SHIT HAPPENS.... OFTEN!

Delver of Secrets  Flip If you have never played against this guy, be thankful. usually good for 9 points of damage.

Monastery Swiftspear ... unblocked 1/2 attacker or opponent thinks a 3/3 wont be blocked with her..... play some cheap spells and trigger "Prowess".

Nivmagus Elemental with a Stalker + Cipher OTB, I don't even have to cast spells from my hand! won't apply until after Stalker "Deals Combat Damage" though......... or what if Opponent sees you are all Mana Tapped and you Attack with that little 1/2 Nivmagus ..... Play a Gut Shot for -2 Life and now a 3/4 Nivmagus ... Got 4x gut shot's inhand....How about a 9/10 Nivmagus now for the -8 life loss if it was an Unblocked Attacker ..... AND THIS IS ON T2..... lol ........ 3x more 1 Costing CMC spells, And Niv is a 15/16 during the next Turn 3. It's Possible. LMAO.

Young Pyromancer 23 spells on hand, and Cipher

Yes, Cipher would count as "Being Casted". Once when cast from hand, and Once when Attacker Deals Combat Damage each following combat round. And then you could still Nivmagus that Combat-Damage-Cast a Cipher spell and +2/+2 Counters more...

Guttersnipe 23 spells on hand, and Cipher

yes Cipher counts here too

Young Pyromancer 23 spells on hand, and Cipher

still counts.

Some Interactions between Cards;

I look at most of my Gut Shot 's and Magma Spray's and the "Ciphered-Strings" as Targets for A Swan or Nivmagus' +1/1 counters and to Trigger Shit at Opponents-End-of-Turn...

Lightning Bolt I had trouble getting a play set of these guys but managed to get 4x from Revised Edition [3rd], yay me! A core card for ANY Red Burn Deck...

Serum Visions Just a card for Deck fixing as there is only 18 Lands. and also a Sorcery Spell to trigger Shit. originally had Ponder, not Modern Legal, and I will miss it but this is close. I would be open to any Card Draw ideas here....

Hidden Strings Attached to a Stalker Tap Or UnTap any 2 Permanents... your lands? need defenders? or what ever. Also a good Target for my own Swan Song's Counter Spell and get a 2/2 bird with Flying as an Attacker/Defender next turn. It's Just another spell that triggers after Combat Damage resolves.... Do with it as you want....

Swan Song very tricky card in this deck as it can counter MY OWN instant and sorcery cards... free cast the Gut Shot and Swan-Song-it on turn 1 .... The Stalker/Strings & Cipher, Swan-Song-it after declaring "Deals Dmg" .... Even if you actually do Counter an Opponents spell, as it was kinda ment to do.... Lightning Bolt that Bird, And that was a "Countered Spell" and 2 more spells triggering a Swiftspear or Guttersnipe or Pryo.... etc....

Mana Leak IS your "expensive" counter spell... lol. Target your Cipher if you want...... Trigger, Trigger. lol

Sideboard: I'm looking for help here

With the Guttersnipes in here the Deck-Name is a lie.... so 1X Delver of Secrets + Swan Song + Young Pyromancer and drop the 3x gutters... 42 spells at 1.5 AVG. CMC

1x Snapcaster Mage only 1 in my collection. Not even sure if I need this guy at all.... but fun?

2x Cyclonic Rift .... nice board wiper.... Oh you have a Token Deck Mr. Opponent? Too Bad!......

2x Talrand, Sky Summoner .... 2/2 Flying Birdies ... Use as needed.

1x Izzet Guildmage just found 1x in my collection.... Doesn't count as a Spell being "Casted" ... But a nice Copy to Target a Nivmagus or Swan Song with.... Those should count...

2x Epic Experiment LOL, why not?

3x Izzet Staticaster not sure yet..... Damn you 1/1 White Wennies. 1/1 Goblins? DIE!!!

Room for 1 more card, and changes possible too.... Help and ideas wanted .... Thank You.


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