A little fun with green and blue. Tiny blue creatures that get a viscous side when buffed.Not my most complete deck, but works for the time being.

First get out some defense with Fog Bank, Cudgel Troll , Troll Ascetic, and Propaganda.

Play out your tiny but soon monstrous warriors. Phantom Warrior, Scute Mob, Neurok Invisimancer , Hero of Leina Tower and Invisible Stalker.

Now turn those tiny creatures into things of nightmares with Ezuri, Claw of Progress, Boar Umbra , Gigantiform, Primal Cocoon , Strength of the Tajuru, and Blessings of Nature.

Take advantage of your unblockable creatures by putting out Nature's Will and use it to double up your mana pool. After that dump out Altered Ego, Primordial Hydra, Strength of the Tajuru, or double play Gigantiform



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