This deck has a few goals, to be achieved mostly in this order:

  • Prevent attacks with a large amount of pillow fort spells, and counter/destroy major threats when they appear
  • Accelerate myself with mana rocks, card draw, and flat out making my spells cheaper
  • Prevent opponents from destroying my important creatures by giving them hexproof, shroud, or indestructible
  • Slow the opponent with tax spells and the two land wipe spells while making their spells more expensive
  • Go in for the kill with unblockables

The deck doesn't have any real game-ending combos, but almost every card falls under one of the categories that aim to progress or end the game. I consider the lifegain I have in the deck to be part of the pillow function, allowing me to take hits without using the disturbingly small amount of un-revivable and fragile creatures I have to block.

Feedback would be great! I've never actually played commander so I have a shaky notion of what's good and what isn't. I'd like to stay away from harming myself to harm others, but some game-enders might be needed instead of unblockable creatures.


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