played my usual sunday games and against a similar deck today, and it demolished me... so i thought i better remake a unblockable deck, as i havent had one in a while.

goal is to pump up a hex proof unblockable critter and then just pound away on opponents life total, with any luck at turn 5 he resigns...



xhirnschock says... #1


thanks for comment on my Quad Unblockable Damage, need Feedback and the +1.

I just looked at your Deck and you are also running 16 creatures like my, so i think it's the right way. Also I'm running Humans witch can also be lightly played like a white-winnie and don't want to put in other Creature-Types.

But I find an interresting Card in your Deck that may help get them out. An early drawn Index may help to get the Cards, for a big incoming unblockable combo, in the right order. Or just the Cards you need at the right time.

I also like the counterspells, maybe an idea....

+1 for the reasons that's an unblockable Deck and the low-budget you could keep.

August 20, 2012 2:40 a.m.

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