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Umezawa Destroys Your Creatures

Commander / EDH Cruel Control Mono-Black Spellslinger



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Toshiro Umezawa revolves around destroying other player's creatures and replaying instants. Considering this, I must establish an engine of cheap removals and instants that give a lot of value. Also, I must be able to protect my lifepoints until I can pull one of my finisher off, which is quite tricky as the deck has no I-win-combo. Of course, mono-black does not have much support for a pure spellslinger deck, so this deck is not as competitive as I would like. However, it is fun and this is what matter. In the following sections I will present my rational behind the cards' choices.

Since the idea of the deck is to recast every instant twice, it advantageous to use them to draw cards - Cling to Dust, Cremate, Ad Nauseam, Succumb to Temptation, Dark Bargain and Necrologia. Of course there are better options at sorcery speed, for example Read the Bones and Night's Whisper, but I cannot recast them (outside of a Yawgmoth's Will scenario). For static card draw I use Necopotence, Phyrexian Arena, Erebos, God of the Dead, Dread Presence and Castle Locthwain. Dread Presence works in two ways, as it can also be used to kill creatures and trigger Umezawa's ability. Liliana allows me to retrieve swamps from my deck, thus giving a card drawing away dead cards or helping when I am mana screwed.

Some of the cards that could be considered instead of the more expensive ones: Headstone (similar effect to cremate, but cost more to cast), Aphotic Wisps (gives fear and draws us a card), Bladebrand (deathtouch and card draw), Bone Harvest (Recursion and draw) and Gravebind (stosp regeneration and draws). Of course if you prefer you can use the sorcery spells to draw cards- But it is no fun.

Ramp is the only way to pull an I-Win moment, thus I picked several of them, with the swamp doublers (Crypt Ghast and Extraplanar Lens) and Cabal Coffers/ Cabal Stronghold. In addition to fasten up my game I included Sol Ring and Chrome Mox - which could be exchanged for an Arcane Signet or another mana rock in a more budget friendly build.

Toshiro is the heart and soul of this deck, without him I cannot enjoy the true value of the cards. Thus, we need to protect him, this is done by bringing him back from the deads (Grim Return, Oathkeeper, Reanimate, Supernatural Stamina and Thrilling Encore), giving him hexproof (Champion's Helm), just changing the target of a spell (Imp's Mischief) or not allowing people to steal him (Homeward Path)

All the good stuff: Damnation, Mutilate and Toxic Deluge.

The old faithful Vampiric and Demonic duet. Also, Beseech the Queen and Entomb, which is great in putting a needed instant in my graveyard.

Is there any better feeling than seeing your opponents complaining about their destroyed creatures? Of course! Their complaint when their are defeated by their own dead creatures. Amazing job from Rise of the Dark Realms and Thrilling Encore. Exsanguinate can also finish them off if needed.

As I said before, I need to survive so I can eventually win the game. I can be saved by Darkness, Sudden Spoiling and Stunning Reversal when they are well played. Notice that Darkness and Sudden Spoiling can be recast under the right circumstances. So I can be annoying twice!


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