This deck is close to complete, but I am currently trying to make it more competitive. I am looking for suggestions on cards I could include that will protect the hydras or prevent spells that kill them. Please comment with your ideas.

This deck obviously revolves around hydras. The only creatures allowed are hydras, apart from the mana-producing elves who will help to get the mana needed to make the hydras as big as they can get. Not much thinking is required while playing this deck. You just cast hydras and turn them sideways. Your hydras will overpower most creatures on the board and devastate life totals. Make them as big as possible and start smashing face.

Regarding the sideboard, if your opponent is using creatures, put in 3-4 copies of Prey Upon. If your hydras are getting killed, put in some copies of Alpha Authority or Vines of Vastwood or Heroic Intervention.


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