So a few years back I decided to make the ultimate hydra deck, which began as a casual little homebrew thing that excited me because I thought hydras in Magic were really cool for some reason. It ended up evolving into a rather clunky but fun modern deck aptly named Ultimate Hydra Deck which is still on this site and has garnered a bit of attention over time. I eventually stopped using the deck to make way for more "meta" decks but retained my love of hydras. Commander is my favorite format and seemed to be the perfect place to concoct a fun-but-competitive hydra tribal deck, though in terms of commander options, Rosheen Meanderer was lacking in flavor and every legendary hydra was lacking in cares-about-hydras-ness, so until recently I never went ahead with the idea, but as soon as I saw Gargos, Vicious Watcher , I knew this was the card I was looking for and had no more excuses, so I got to brewing and put together this deck. I hope it provides you with some inspiration, and please inform me of any good inclusions involving hydras, X spells, and mono-G value that I may have missed. Thank you for your help and have a good day.


The goal is to generate a ton of mana with mana-doubling cards and whatnot such as Vernal Bloom or Zendikar Resurgent and then dump this mana into the X-costs of hydras to make them huge and then swing for a ton of damage. The deck contains plenty of creature removal due to Gargos's fighting ability paired with a slew of cantrip/protection style cards (explained below) as well as a bit of ramp, draw, and utility thrown in. Each of the non-hydra creatures provide important utility but I have included every green non-crappy hydra.


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  • Every 1-2 mana cantrip or "save your creature" spell doubles as removal when Gargos is in play because you may have him fight a creature when you target your creatures with these spells. Thus cards such as Viridescent Wisps become 1-mana cantrip removal and cards such as Blossoming Defense become 1-mana removal and "save your dude" spells.

  • For the big versions of the spells mentioned above like Biogenic Upgrade and Bounty of Might , target multiple creatures rather than one if you can in order to fight and kill as many things as possible.

  • Vigor is in this deck because whenever Gargos forces a creature to fight, the damage that would be dealt to Gargos is prevented and instead gives him counters equal to that amount.

  • Scythe of the Wretched is in this deck because every time Gargos fights, the creature he kills will return under your control. Reattach the scythe to Gargos after if you can.

  • Alas, since you can only target your opponents' creatures with Gargos, Hornet Nest does not work in this deck.


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