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Ultimate Abzan Theme Deck



This is the Ultimate Abzan Theme Deck, part of a collection of Casual decks designed for balanced, fun multiplayer games. Each deck is inspired by a single character or theme. Every card in the deck was selected for being a flavor-win, or for maximizing the gameplay that this deck wants to achieve.

This deck spotlights the Abzan houses, One of the five Clans of Tarkir. The Abzan clan admires the ancient dragons' aspect of endurance. It is a White-Green-Black Midrange deck, with a strong +1/+1 counters theme.

"We do not pile the skulls of our enemies, nor make them into ornaments. We grind them into dust. We leave nothing for their families to weep over, nothing for their descendants to honor." - Anafenza, Khan of the Abzan


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