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Sorry but the article became somewhat retired during prerelease season for that set, getting litteraly no support for merfolk other than a hint at maybe being more spell based, and while I had hoped that merfolk would receive at least 1 card for them, I'm sad to say that, while still being completely standard legal, this list is not as good as it once was.

I'm sorry to anyone who has purchased cards for this deck since War of the Spark. I don't believe there will be another set after Coreset2020 where Ixalan block will be legal in standard. My current plans, if I am to continue playing standard, are to run a Yarok, the Desecrated deck, however I think that playing anything above 2 colours in Standard right now just isn't worth the investment, and I will probably use any money I would have spent on Standard on getting into Modern instead. With Modern Horizons, I'm excited to maybe try and get into that format with a fairly budget deck.

Currently my Heart is in EDH(my partner's favourite format, and mine too, although the amount of decks he's building recently is worrying me... anyways this is a tangent), and I currently only have 1 deck that started at $10 and now costs close to $300. Since I only have 1 deck and a bunch of Merfolk that aren't going to be doing me any good, I will probably build a merfolk deck both in EDH and Modern.

I've gotten quite off topic for responding to a translation error, but what I mainly want to say is that this article is closed for now, and I am extremely grateful for all of you who helped it get to #1(especially those of you at my local FNM that recognized me and bought me a pack when I was looking for that last foil copy of Tempest Caller )!

I Hope to make a new list for standard and get it to #1 very soon so I can help more players get into Magic, that has always been my goal with this list!

Thank you, Everyone :)


Unfortunatly, until the next set of Ravnica, Merfolk will only have Hinterland Harbor and Unclaimed Territory as duals. None of the other non-basics like Memorial to Genius or Memorial to Unity really fit to the deck either, and the colorless lands like Zhalfirin Void and Reliquary Tower hurt the deck's mana. The deck is then left with 8 duals and 13 basics, which really hurts the deck. Come January, Breeding Pool will be introduced back into standard along with the other shocklands, making the mana base stronger than it was when it had Botanical Sanctum as the checklands will enter untapped off of the shocklands.

1 Drops:

The 1 drops in the deck are still very solid, Kumena's Speaker still being the strongest as a 2/2 for G, we run 4 of these, while Mist-Cloaked Herald and Jade Bearer are less powerful but about equal to eachother, usually being 1/1s for U/G. I run 3 of each, but 2 and 4 of either will work aswell.

2 Drops:

Deeproot Elite is the core 2 drop of the deck, we're reliant on it making our other merfolk stronger when we play smaller merfolk to increase our damage on the turn we play them. Usually we will try and buff Deeproot Elite out of dying range of cards like Goblin Chainwhirler , but past that, you don't want to put too many counters onto the Elite itself. Without counters, it is already a target for removal, and we don't want to invest too much into one creature.

Merfolk Mistbinder is the other core 2 drop in the deck. Usually you want to fill your board a bit with other 1 and 2 drops before playing Mistbinder, that way you get full value out of their +1/+1 to other Merfolk. Playing her on turn 2 to make your Speaker a 3/3 or your other 1 drops into 2/2s is fine if you have no other play, and may be optiminal if you have multiple Mistbinders in hand. Mistbinder is another creature you don't want to invest a lot of +1/+1 counters into, as they are already a target for removal. Most of the time when suspecting a combat trick or if it would die to a blocker, you wont even swing with Mistbinder.

Merfolk Branchwalker is a powerful 2 drop. Whether it's a 2/1 that draws you a card, or a 3/2 that removes a dead card from the top of your deck. While it is a strong card, it is competing with a lot of other cards for the 2 drop slot, so we only run 3, however you can run 4 by dropping some other 2 drops if you don't find they are performing as you like.

Silvergill Adept is just as powerful as Branchwalker, while it doesn't have as much of a body as Branchwalker, it will always draw you a card so long as you have a Merfolk to reveal when casting it. This too is competing for the 2 drop slot so we also run 3 of these, but it can be 4 aswell.

Merfolk Trickster is a really versatile 2 drop. You will usually be casting it on your opponent's end step in order to remove blockers, but it can also be used to remove recursive creaures from the game like Rekindling Phoenix . Having flash also means that you can keep mana up for counterspells if you have brought them in from the sideboard.

Expel from Orazca replaces Unsummon . Returns a permanent to the top of your opponent's deck or can protect one of yours.

3 Drops:

Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca is the last core card of the deck. Being a legendary, we usually only run 3, but because of rotation taking away Blossoming Defense , we no longer have a way to protect Kumena aside from returning him to hand with Expel from Orazca . Kumena will get in free damage and draw you extra cards very consistantly, and can even buff your team to help close out a game.

Deeproot Waters is a bit slow, but is a powerful card that creates Hexproof tokens to put +1/+1 counters on, to jumpblock large threats, or to go wide with the help of Merfolk Mistbinder and Deeproot Elite . Waters also synergizes extremely well with Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca , doubling the amount of draws and the amount of creatures that can receive +1/+1 counters. We run 3 with a 4th in the Sideboard because it can be the difference between a win and a loss against decks that can't handle it.

4 Drops:

Tempest Caller is the only 4 drop in the deck. Usually it's only job will be to tap down your opponent's creatures to get in with a few large creatures and close out the game, but it can be played on curve or just to get in a few extra damage. It was a very hard decision between running 4 Tempest Caller s or 4 Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca s, but we decided that you want to see a Kumena more often and sooner than you want to see a Tempest Caller. That being said, you can definetly run 4 if you find yourself consistantly wishing you had one in hand.


Deeproot Waters being already mentioned.

Essence Scatter is great to bring in if you're on the play against similar decks to gain a few extra turns of free attacks with a Kumena's Speaker. It's also great against decks that are casting big creatures that take up all their mana for the turn.

Kopala, Warden of Waves can be brought in against decks that have or will side in a lot of removal, mainly to be brought in against red and black decks.

Mistcaller serves 2 purposes, it can be an extra 1/1 to try and race down an opponent quicker, or to stop reanimation, be it a Rekindling Phoenix or Gruesome Menagerie .

Naturalize is cheap removal for artifacts and enchantments. Kills card:Search for Orazca, Seal Away , Ixalan's Binding and many other cards that are common in standard.

Negate stops the win cons for a lot of decks, Teferi, Hero of Dominaria being one of them. Can also protect your creatures from a boardwipe or removal.

Seafloor Oracle is a card that I don't bring into the deck too often, but when I do, It ensures that you outrace your opponent. Drawing a card every time a Merfolk you control deals combat damage is huge, and even if it only happens a few times before it is removed, it is still a huge swing in card advantage for you.

Shapers' Sanctuary does similar jobs to Kopala and Seafloor Oracle, punishing your opponent for using their removal or any other targetted effect.

Spell Pierce does a similar job as Negate but can help swing tempo to your favor earlier in the game as it only requires U instead of U1.


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