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Blue green infect legacy tournament dream.

I am very seriously considering making this deck, I will playtest the living shit out of it before it is finalized, but I really want to take the idea to an open and see what it can do.

Infect is a mechanic that I firmly believe is just waiting to be abused horribly, so I thought I just might be the person to do it.

I don't think the mainboard will change much from what it is right now, but the sideboard for sure needs some work (though I could live with it the way it is now), but then again I don't have a vast knowledge of cards that exist in legacy... i.e. every card in magic.

The fatal flaws of this deck are early response and discard such as thoughtseize, duress, mental misstep, daze, wasteland, lightning bolt, etc. So I made sure to put in as many response as I can. I decided the 4x pacts of negation are necessary to protect the pump/creature since I'm dumping my hand when I go for the win anyway, and the land count is down to 20, but I can easily pull a win running off one forest.

Please comment and help me make it the way it needs to be in order to dominate!


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