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This deck is a result of me splitting up this deck, as it was trying too many things at the same time thus becomming ineffective.

It's somewhere I wanted to take this deck anyway, but now due to Ravnica Allegiance, I actually can.

The deck works by shooting +1/+1 counters at creatures to make them tap for mana Incubation Druid Rishkar, Peema Renegade , fly Skatewing Spy , or just flip their shit Sharktocrab , Benthic Biomancer .

Simic Ascendancy is a good utility, but also a wonderfull (secondary) wincon. However Hadana's Climb   might be more effective at getting the counters where I need them.

Hydroid Krasis is a great manadrain, but also just a perfect utility in general... I'm wondering if one playset, would make the Skatewing Spy obsolete, as it kind of is in the way curve wise.

I also feel that I need some extra options... either curve wise or utility wise. Right now this deck is quite easy to disrupt.

It's a work in progress anyway...

At this point I'm mainly looking for cards to cut or possible additions.


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