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U/G Infinite mana turn 3 winning!

Modern G/U (Simic) Infinite Combo



Turn 3 infinite mana win.

Harabaz Druid + one ally creature or Bloom Tender

with Freed from the Real means you have infinite mana.

Bloom Tender + Freed from the Real taps for . Use to untap Bloom Tender and tap it again to give . Repeat for infinite .

With Harabaz Druid make sure you have another ally on the field when you enchant it with Freed from the Real. Simply tap Harabaz Druid to add and use one to untap it. Repeat for infinite . Use vast pool of infinite to untap Harabaz Druid and tap for any color, allowing for an infinite amount of any colored mana.

Fog + Winds of Qal Sisma : Prevents creature heavy aggro decks from winning.

Remand: Card draw and delays for you to win.

Summoner's Pact: Tutors for Devoted Druid or Bloom Tender.

Drift of Phantasms: Tutors for Freed from the Real.

Halimar Excavator: Nothing more annoying than mill :)

Beastcaller Savant: Just an ally to help Harabaz Druid. Can be tutored with Summoner's Pact.

Turn 1: Drop a land.

Turn 2: Drop 2nd land. Play Bloom Tender

Turn 3: Drop 3rd land. Make sure you have at least one blue mana source. Drop Freed from the Real and enchant your Bloom Tender. Tap for infinite mana and wonnered.

Turn 1: Drop a land.

Turn 2: Drop 2nd land. Play Harabaz Druid.

Turn 3: Drop 3rd land. Play an ally creature. Tap Harabaz Druid for . Play Freed from the Real and enchant Harabaz Druid.

Turn 4: Wonnered

Diviner's Wand gives you infinite card draw to draw until you get a viable win condition equip to an infinite mana generator and pay to draw.

Wurmcalling puts an infinite amount of infinite/infinite wurm tokens onto the field.

Increasing Confusion mills the opponent for infinity, causing them to deck out.

Helix Pinnacle if you really like watching people suffer as they try to find some way to delay their impending defeat.


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