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Ueshiba Morihei's Worst Student (Aikido/Chaos EDH)

Commander / EDH Aikido Combo Jank Theme/Gimmick UBR (Grixis) Vorthos


UBR Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge (as a placeholder until I find something I like better) Aikido/Chaos EDH
Grixis Borrowing/Copying/Swapping/Stealing + Forced casting = I pick the best stuff and win with it. You get the scraps and defend yourselves with them. Until I feel like doing something different. =P

Sleeves: Ultra-Pro PRO-Matte Eclipse (Light Blue)
Deck: PRO 100+ Deck Box (Red)

The name of the game is: (your answer here)

  • RAMP: What doesn't make sense about rampfully ramping the ramp outta stuff? With a really big ramp.
  • DRAW: Another pretty obvious and self-explanatory section, so I can just waste your time and mine by writing this here.
  • REMOVAL: You're a planeswalker. I'm a planeswalker. You're trying to kill me. I'm trying to kill you. Yes. And all your stupid little pets, too.
  • PROTECTION: No, not that kind of protection... or that kind, either. I mean, like, trying to stop you from doing all the mean shit you're gonna do to me now that you know magic all of sudden. See that? Give a nerd a little power and it goes right to their head and they go off trying kill people! WTF?! Amiright?
  • RECURSION: Also called heart-burn or indigestion, this is when the bowels of your deck get blocked up and have to go back where they came from instead of recycling through the natural order of things.
  • CHAOS: Mostly ways to force the opponents to cast spells and play cards, even if they don't want to because I'm, you know, just playin' my deck here.
  • BORROW: Red likes to do this a lot. Take control of something for the duration of your turn, then give it back, if you still have it, that is.
  • COPY: This is where you see something you like, but you been racous little shit the entire game so instead of casting Control Magic (which didn't make the cut, btw), you just say, "oh, hey, that's cool. I'm gonna do that, too."
  • SWAP: Exchange control of stuff with somebody else. You take their thing, but you give them a thing in exchange. It's like barter, or trading, but completely involuntary and invasive like murder, or sex with a hooker!
  • STEAL: The groan-worthy, dirty-Lannister cousins of everything else, these cards are just Blatant Thievery . They can be used to get your good shit back, or to simply take the best stuff on the battlefield. And then, who knows, maybe give that best-stuff to somebody else and fucking kill that shit anyway. Whatever. -_-


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