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UB Torpor Deck I've been working on.

The orb nullifies negative ETB effects on fatties, enabling a very nice beatdown.

Spellskite is nice to protect creatures or the orb, and has a solid body to help early game.

Muddle the Mixture Tansmutes for Torpor orb, and can protect the orb once it is in play.

There are 14 threats in the deck, which seems to be enough. If you can stick one or two, the game usually ends pretty quickly.

22 lands due to low cost cards, and a lot of duals simply because the casting costs on a lot of these cards are very specific (UU or BB).

There are 7 slots left in the deck, and I could use some advice on how to fill them. I'm pretty sure I need:-Cantriping/Tutoring to find a torpor orb-Hand DisruptionI'm new to modern and don't know what legal cards would work best for these tasks.

Also, I really have no idea how to sideboard effectively for Modern.



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