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UB Tezzerborn (Aetherborn Tribal)

Standard* Aggro Tribal U/B (Dimir)




Greetings everyone!

I'm not sure if it works all that well but I have a feeling that Tezzeret the Schemer meshes fairly well with the Aetherborn. The deck is fairly self explanatory I feel, but I'll go into my thought process. To pump up the crew you've got Metallic Mimic and Midnight Entourage , Metallic Mimic is especially important because it puts counters on our creatures not just anthem effect. I tried to keep the CMC of most the cards at four or below for the most part to make sure that your able to always have cards to cast. As for finishers, my idea was moving the +1/+1 counters made by Metallic Mimic and moving them onto a Aetherborn Marauder , going over the enemies creatures with a now enormous flying life linker and hopefully beat them out that way. However I see deck could definitely use some work and I welcome any constructive criticism.


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