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U/B Midrange God




This deck is basically a "get out The Scarab God quick build. It has been pretty decent so far.

The Creature Package:

Kitesail Freebooter, A great turn 2 play. it has flying which is great for some early beats and most importantly it allows you to see your opponents hand and grab their next play to keep the tempo in your favor. Also the pirate allows for me to play Lookout's Dispersal which is just nasty.

Siren Stormtamer, This card has 1 main job and that is to protect The Scarab God . It is great against Settle the Wreckage , and the flying also gets a little bit of chip damage in as well. Also a Pirate.

Hostage Taker, Need I say more?? We know what she does and it is another way to keep tempo in your favor, and if you can cast their cards then GG. Also a pirate.

Gifted Aetherborn, Not a Pirate but, a little lifelink and a little deathtouch, who could ask for more.

Champion of Wits, This guy is great. Does everything you need. He is the main draw outlet in the deck. Use him to filter early, chump block, then reanimate with the God or just cast him straight from the grave. Either way he will take over the game.

The Removal Package:

Fatal Push, Great early game removal. You already know why to play this card.

Essence Extraction Helps against aggro early to keep you in the game to the midrange portion of the match which is where you want to be.

Walk the Plank, This is you remove all spell. Sorcery is lame but it really catches just about everything.

Lookout's Dispersal, Obviously not just a removal spell but with the number of pirates being played this card is sooooooo good.

The Only Planeswalker

liliana, death's majesty, She does everything you want in this deck. Her minus ability let's you bring back creatures and trigger more ETB effects, and her plus ability lets you creat a chump blocker and throws creatures into the grave yard which is excellent too. She is so good I am considering throwing in a second copy in the mainboard.

Win Cons:

The Scarab God With all the ETB effects, this guy just wins.

I went 3-1 at FNM the other night losing to a Grixis Amulet Control deck. I couldn't get a feel for what he was playing until it was too late but in this game I realized how good Search for azcanta is in this deck against control so I added 2 to the sideboard. I am going to playtest some more but, this thing is awesome.

Let me know what you think and feel free to upvote if you like it!!


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