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UB Sharktocrab's Reclamation

Modern Budget GU (Simic) Midrange Multiplayer


1) Race to 4 mana. Growth Spiral is better then Coiling Oracle as it almost garantees the 3th land drop in turn 2. But Oracle can be blinked later on for extra gain, or chum-block if needed.

2) play that turn 3 wilderness reclamation Feels good, dunnit?

3) get funky. Use your own turns to comfortably build an army, maily of Growth-Chamber Guardian s, Sharktocrab and the all fearsome Dream Eater

Use your opponents turn, to counter spells with Frilled Mystic and Essence Capture , which accordingly triggers Sharktocrab to really push in that battlefield advantage. This is also where you start adapting your Sharktocrab and Growth-Chamber Guardian s

To deal with any uncountered enchantments/artifacts, there is the Reclamation Sage

And since there are so much utility creatures out, Illusionist's Stratagem is there to fuel the gaintrain. It can also be used to blink Sharktocrab to reset it's adapt ability.

That's mainly it. The deck is built to hold it's own both in single player and multiplayer which shouldn't be too hard as long as Wilderness Reclamation is on the field.


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