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UB Scarab God Zombie Tribal

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A deck I came up with after seeing The Scarab God from Hour of Devastation. Zombie master + Cyclopean Giant so all your zombies get swampwalk and can't be blocked, or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth instead of Cyclopean Giant.Basically the point of this deck is to make use of The Scarab God's ability to exile cards from any graveyard and create zombies, while also damaging opponents and letting you scry every turn for free. Thus, you want to put as many Zombies, Zombie Tokens, and creatures that can make Zombies onto the field. Rooftop Storm is great to make casting big zombies easier.

Open to suggestions for improvement, and recommendations for some blue spells (which this deck is sorely lacking) or anything else really. It's also not quite done as you might be able to see).



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