A U/B control deck that features Mechanized Production and Marionette Master as it's wincon. To get treasure use cards like Spell Swindle and treasure map . It is a fairly straightforward Blue/Black control deck. I am relatively new to Standard so feedback would be appreciated.

I am particularly interested to hear what people's thoughts are on:

  1. Revel in Riches vs Mechanized Production vs Marionette Master

  2. Glimmer of Genius vs Hieroglyphic Illumination vs pirate's prize


Another 3-1, with my sole loss being against the exact same red deck as last week. I won the first round with a lucky sweep but got rolled the next two games. I 2-0'd my other 3 opponents easily, as they were all running slowish decks. Two of them were other Blue/Black control decks modeled after the one that Top 4'd at Worlds (Though both the players seemed inexperienced) and the other was a Red/Green dino ramp that got rolled by The Scarab God.


Atroxreaper says... #1

Needs a board wipe and ways to slow RDW.

September 17, 2017 5:47 p.m.

Qolorful says... #2

I think you might be better off with Spell Pierce over negate, also I like your use of vraska and mechanized production. You'll definitely want Yahenni's Expertise and maybe even Bontu's Last Reckoning as well.

I think you are Straddling two good methods for the deck, the first being all instants and sorceries for control, and an alternate wincon by throwing mech production on a gearhulk, whether torrential, verdurous, or noxious. The second method would be pirates! Arg!

September 17, 2017 5:55 p.m.

ThoAlmighty says... #3


Thank you for your suggestions! I'm not sure why I didn't think of Yahenni's Expertise, it's really good against some of the top-tier decks. I want to keep Negate mainboard because I feel like it and Censor are more consistent, and I would sideboard in Duress and Spell Pierce if it was called for. I also like the idea of a Noxious Gearhulk being copied every upkeep, I might give that a try. Currently I have a 1-of of a Vraska serving as a backup wincon/treasure producer/flavor win. Those menace pirates you get on your way to her -10 are good at getting through when they've only got 1 life left.

September 17, 2017 8:07 p.m.

Qolorful says... #4

Have you had any good experiences with censor? I really haven't liked how it plays. it usually feels like I payed 2 mana to make them pay 1, and the whole cycling thing never made up for it for me. I'm personally not a fan of using it at all

September 17, 2017 8:10 p.m.

ThoAlmighty says... #5

For me it's good for stopping early-game spells when they can't pay the , then you can cycle it in the late game so it's not a dead draw.

September 17, 2017 8:13 p.m.

landofMordor says... #6

I love this deck! If you're trying to maximize value from Revel, I'd swap out Vraska's Contempt for more "destroy" things, since exile isn't a "dies" trigger. With the amount of Vehicles/Gearhulks sure to be running around, you could splash G for that, or just add more Pushes and Battle@Bridge.

I like the Rebuke, Herald, and Noxious Gearhulk in this deck, too. It looks pretty versatile overall! If you need cuts, I would cut the Production, because artifact/enchantment hate is sure to be high, and also because it telegraphs your intentions. You probably have enough Treasure-makers to ensure that you reach 10 eventually. Good luck!

September 18, 2017 9:12 a.m.

nzosher says... #7

I just made a version of this deck before looking at the front page and seeing this. Here it is: You should definitely run Reverse Engineer and Metallic Rebuke. Also, many of the cards in your deck will rotate out as soon as ixalan becomes standard.

September 23, 2017 9:29 a.m.

ThoAlmighty says... #8

My deck doesn't produce treasures very quickly, they're more a slight bonus on most of the cards I'm playing. I don't actually produce that many, they just build up slowly over time. Those cards seem better for your deck than mine. Also, everything here will stay when Ixalan comes in. The blocks rotating are Shadows Over Innistrad and Battle for Zendikar. My deck consists entirely of Kaladesh block, Amonkhet block, and Ixalan.

September 23, 2017 3:13 p.m.

Hareishan says... #9

I played an improvise deck for quite some time and can only say good things about Herald of Anguish, but it all depends how early you can play him (preferable turn 4 or 5).

I looked at your decklist and you will always come too late with him cause you can't drop artifacts fast enough. In your deck he'll probably only be a follow up the turn after you play a Spell Swindle .If you really consider playing him, I'd recommend playing only 1 for an eventual late game.

September 24, 2017 1:10 p.m.

clark1424 says... #10


1.Metallic Rebuke


-You are an artifact deck

-Almost always a sure counter spell for 1 blue mana.:)


-3 to cast if you don't have artifacts around

-good up to turns 7 or 8

2.Tezzeret the Schemer


-Useless artifacts becomes a 5/5 creature (3rd skill)

-More treasures = removal (2nd ability)

-pseudo treasure (etherium cell), that triggers scry for Contraband Kingpin


-no artifact = stupid card

3.Marionette Master


-sac a treasure/etherium cell = opponent loses life.:)

-alternate win condition if you have 7 treasures. Just sac them to win.:)


-6 to cast

-dies to abrade/lightning strike on ETB (no worries, you got counterspells).

4.Battle at the Bridge


-removal + lifegain


-sorcery speed

Hope this helps.:)

September 24, 2017 1:20 p.m.

Mannu_1978 says... #11


Marionette Master can be deadly with treasures...

September 24, 2017 1:35 p.m.

Mannu_1978 says... #12

... with The Scarab God

September 24, 2017 1:38 p.m.

ThoAlmighty says... #15

I've been considering Marionette Master for a while, as sacrificing 5 treasures to deal 4 damage apiece is quite nice. I think I'm going to give it a try, and because prereleases and trades have been good to me I can start playtesting with physical copies shortly. Tezzeret has also stood out to me and I might run 1-2 of him if I can. I've also considered swapping the Vraska for a Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh. Thoughts?

September 25, 2017 12:59 a.m.

clark1424 says... #16

Tezzeret seems good enough. You don't need a bolas tbh. Just go all in with the combo kill.:).

September 25, 2017 1:25 a.m.

ThoAlmighty says... #17

I think I need to add or splash a third color for more sweepers. Do I go red for Hour of Devestation or white for Fumigate? Fumigate doesn't hit planeswalkers and Hour doesn't hit Carnage Tyrant.

September 25, 2017 2:03 a.m.

clark1424 says... #18

No need for a splash. Bontu's Last Reckoning is enough. kill creatures with it and you still get mana via treasures with Revel in Riches.

Regarding walkers, there's Never//Return or Vraska's Contempt to deal with it if it ever resolve with your bunch of counter spells.

September 25, 2017 2:56 a.m.

clark1424 says... #19

I also made a deck like this yesterday since you gave me an idea to what deck should i be playing besides BG energy.=D.

U/B Tezzeret, the Treasurer

I think this will need tuning as well lol. Have been focusing on my BG for quite some time.

September 25, 2017 2:59 a.m.

Hexcimal says... #20

Thank you for posting this, and thank you to everyone who's provided good advise for helping this type of deck develop. With the release of Ixalan I'll be plunging into standard for the first time, and this deck has made me the most excited to get started right away!

Now, I'm currently leaning heavily towards the three-color splash for my own build, as Esper is one of my favorite combinations. I want to make it work really badly, but I don't want to sacrifice viability to do so. I'll try to compare running WUB over just UB, since Grixis isn't the current direction I want to take. (Though, I'm certain someone else could make a compelling argument for it.)

Debates to Support:

Debates to Oppose

  • Three colors instead of two. Color balancing will be necessary. (Treasure and Etherium help to rectify this con.)

  • Greater risk of inconsistency.

  • UB already provides everything needed to control the board (except for when enchantments/artifacts manage to get past counterspells and resolve).

  • Too many options to choose from and not enough space to squeeze into 75.

Tldr; am I hyping myself up too much for esper when I shouldn't try to change what isn't broken, or do you truly believe it could still make for a viable build?

Additionally, I'm all for Mechanized Production being included at least in SB for faster and more consistent wins. I was thinking a 2:3 split between it and RiR somewhere in the 75; especially if any Gearhulks are being used.

Further Thoughts on Specific Cards

Again, thank you for posting this and thank you for your time! I plan on buying cards within the next couple of days, so if you get any updates let me know! I'll also post my deck when it's created and keep updates with it.

Let me know if you'd like any advise on specific cards you're debating over! I'll give my (admittedly naive) input if requested. Cheers, and good luck!

September 30, 2017 6:15 p.m.

ThoAlmighty says... #21


I have considered white and red for a while. I think red is better suited to an aggressive Grixis pirates shell with cards like Captain Lannery Storm and Trove of Temptation. Overall red doesn't seem particularly worthwhile. White, on the other hand, offers cards like Anointed Procession, Fumigate, Farm / Market and so on. The reason I'm not running white is mainly two reasons:

  1. It doesn't offer enough that can't be acheived through (albeit worse) means in black and blue. As you mentioned above, The inconsistency could be an issue and doesn't seem worth it to me.

  2. I am a budget player. I'm not interested in sinking very much money into standard, especially because I am new to it. Having a 3-color landbase could be fairly expensive and more than I'm willing to spend.

My opinion on Mechanized Production is somewhat mixed. While it only requires 7 treasures on upkeep (Gives you one then checks for 8), it is much more vulnerable to other control decks. It is vulnerable to artifact removal, and if the artifact it is on gets bounced, it is gone permanently. The lower CMC is pretty much irrelevant because I'd most likely be casting it or RiR when I've reached their treasure threshold so I only need to protect them for a turn.

I've been considering 2-3 Field of Ruin as a means of getting rid of the new flip lands. Some of them are quite powerful and require answers that my deck doesn't have right now.

Merchant's Dockhand is a card I forgot existed. It doesn't strike me as a bad card in this deck, so I might try playtesting with it. It seems to have a similar effect as Search for azcanta 's flip, which is quite powerful.

Thank you for the suggestions and support!

September 30, 2017 8:17 p.m.

MoGoose831 says... #22

Hey ThoAlmighty love the deck!!!

I have a $15 ULTRA BUDGET version of this exact deck!

I will leave a detailed comment when i get home and habe a chance to really look thru your deck list. Until then have a +1!!!

October 4, 2017 6:41 p.m.

MoGoose831 says... #23

Hey ThoAlmighty love the deck!!!

I have a $15 ULTRA BUDGET version of this exact deck!

I will leave a detailed comment when i get home and habe a chance to really look thru your deck list. Until then have a +1!!!

October 4, 2017 6:42 p.m.

jellyranger69 says... #24

Hey guys...gotta couple of noob questions as I am interested in this sort of deck.

What cards are ideal for casting with Yahenni's Expertise 2nd ability?

Are the artifacts fed to Marionette Master just through their on-board sac ability?

Suitable replacement card for Tezzeret?

Thanks for help! Extreme budget player so this has given me some great ideas.

October 12, 2017 12:17 p.m.

ThoAlmighty says... #25


There isn't really much to cast off of Yahenni's Expertise, black's boardwipes are pretty limited and it's more for the -3/-3.

You would want to sacrifice the treasures/etherium cells to their own ability. Bonus trick: if Marionette Master is destroyed before the Fabricate trigger resolves, you can get three Servos when it resolves.

I don't have a tezzeret yet either, currently I'm just running another treasure map .

Hope this helps! I'm always glad to see fellow budget players interested in my decks, though this deck isn't that budget anymore since half the cards in the deck spiked (fortunately after I got them).

October 12, 2017 12:52 p.m.

jellyranger69 says... #26

Perfect, thanks so much for the info.

October 13, 2017 10:15 a.m.

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