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A U/B control deck that features Mechanized Production and Marionette Master as it's wincon. To get treasure use cards like Spell Swindle and treasure map . It is a fairly straightforward Blue/Black control deck. I am relatively new to Standard so feedback would be appreciated.

I am particularly interested to hear what people's thoughts are on:

  1. Revel in Riches vs Mechanized Production vs Marionette Master

  2. Glimmer of Genius vs Hieroglyphic Illumination vs pirate's prize


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I haven't been to any events in the past few weeks, so sorry for no results. Today I went 3-0, beating G/U Merfolk 2-0, Sultai Energy 2-0, and Grixis Amulet 2-1. The merfolk deck was an easy win, and I didn't have too much trouble with the other two. The Amulet player won game 1 but forgot to sideboard until after game 2, so all of his dead draws gave me a free win game two.


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