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Liliana controlling her hoard of undead is always a recipe for success!!

Lots of graveyard play with Haunted Dead + Prized Amalgam + Relentless Dead . Lots of removal capabilities with the sorcery/instants. Lots of good token play and board control with Cryptbreaker + Dark Salvation + Voldaren Pariah ...

I'm currently figuring if I should work Lost Legacy into the main board, but I probably wouldn't want to put it in the deck, until I knew what I wanted to use it against, which is why I have it in my side board. Against decks that use little creatures, I find it's great to sub out the removal for cards like Negate, Ceremonious Rejection or Compelling Deterrence.

In decks that like to use all the Planeswalkers, I tend to sub in Lost Legacy & Compelling Deterrence. I used to play Imprisoned in the Moon, but I've taken it out as it's become far too situational.

ALSO -- This deck will be viable for a long while... Cards like Murder or To the Slaughter can easily replace cards like Ruinous Path and Grasp of Darkness when they cycle out of Standard play. By the time the new expansion and set release (January (Aether Revolt) and April ?) there's likely to be even more options for solid black removal.


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Between this deck and my Dwarven Pilots deck, I have a really hard time picking my favorite. This was the first themed Competitive level standard deck I've put together and actually succeeded with.

I am a HUGE fan of theme decks, and often times skirt away from the "optimal" choices, to ensure I stick to a theme. However; I really truly feel like I was able to put together a VERY good deck, while sticking to the theme I have to a T.

Liliana, the Last Hope was the first MAJOR card I've ever pulled from a pack, for Standard, so I was absolutely ecstatic when I was able to construct a good themed Undead squad around her.

These U/B Zombie decks will be good for sometime, as most of the cards are from SOI and EDM, and the ones that aren't are easily replaced with cards from the newer sets. I've had much success at local FNM and look forward to bringing this deck to bigger events.

Thanks for all the help!


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