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Hi, I being trying to make a mill deck a little ''competitive'' for about 4 years and with the new card Mission Briefing, I think, I got something good, tell me what you guys think :)

First of, the reason I find Mission Briefing so good it because it can cast with the alternative cost an Archive Trap in the graveyard something snap caster could never did. With that in mind I look at some deck on the net and found card I want to try like Augur of Bolas. I found that this card was very useful in the deck because of the addition card that we choose from 3 it awesome . And it a 1/3 so it can block many creature in the format right now like goblin guide (red deck, burn), bloodghast (drege),Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (human),etc.

Also, in all the mill deck I found, it seems to me that they were many style to the deck, aggro mill, combo mill, control mill, all around mill and beatdown mill. I personally like an all around mill deck so I took out famous good card like Mesmeric Orb and Fraying Sanity, because from my testing it was a little too slow in some match-up :

Mesmeric Orb, I think is very good against control, mid-range deck, but too slow versu aggro, combo deck

Fraying Sanity, For me this card is like a bomb, you play it and win in the next turn if not the next or you did play it and the opponent kill you right away or he just counter it.

With the idea of an all around mill deck I want to have an optimize match up across all the type of deck in modern with the idea of having 40% win rate against very bad match up and 60% win rate against good match up.

The key to an all around deck it to do different thing in different match up: to be able to turn the switch and start milling like crazy or control the game with a steady speed of milling. For that Mission Briefing is perfect, because of the recursion capacity on the card and it surveil 2 (yeah card selection !). The problem I often have with my mill deck is the capacity to respond to what my opponent is doing (I think we need to respond to our opponent because mill is not that fast of a deck, the comparison to burn is we have to deal 53 ''damage'' (because of the draw seven :P) comparing to 20). So, to respond to many different type of deck I need card selection and Augur of Bolas and Mission Briefing are very good for this. With all that here the detail of the deck:

Milling package :

Glimpse the Unthinkable : Every mill player know the card UB mill 10 very good that like 1/5 of the 53 card left in the deck

Breaking / Entering : A good card for 2 cmc, mill 8 can have a little shenanigan with Shelldock Isle. I would play mesmeric orb here because over time like 3 turn mesmeric orb is better or Fraying sanity, but with augur of bolas I want to keep the maximum instant/sorcery mill card. Maybe I'm wrong I'm testing :D

Mind Funeral : A good card, the only problem with this card it the randomness of the mill that goes from 4 to 15 even 20 sometime but for those 20 land deck card it a monster may or may not change this for another mill card.

Archive Trap : This card is the best card, 13 mill card nearly 1/4 of the 53, in modern were most people fetch it very very good for 0 mana but sometime you got to finish them hard casting the card.

Hedron Crab : this little guys is the star of the deck, leave it be and you are gonna lose, with many fecth in the deck it a good 6 card per turn.

Answer to our opponent

Fatal Push : it very useful clear out most of the creature our opponent put into play for 1 black mana.

Echoing Truth : An all around card good versus the unstoppable Leyline of Sanctity, and good against token, planewalker, it something I found good in the deck but this is my flavor. Anybody can put another card for this one and still make the deck good

Crypt Incursion : A must right now, it crush the hope of the opponent to win with creature, have seeing people use Rest in peace against it to not lose. Some people use two and one in the sideboard or just 2 I prefer playing 3 because when I want it I got it XD

Damnation : Reset the board, useful against big dumb creature deck

Surgical Extraction : this card was a addition to this type of deck because of how we can beat combo and control instantly with this by exiling they win con. The little trick I use sometime is I exile a land, like a fetch land, and then mind funeral them :P

Value card

Augur of Bolas : Very good fuel to the deck, I don't think it all that powerful in a more aggro mill deck. would replace by a mesmeric orb or a Manic Scribe except Manic Scribe need some build around that I don't like that

Trapmaker's Snare : it like a archive trap or it can search for a ravenous trap when needed. Another flavor of mine dont see this often in mill deck because I don't know... It like a copy of Archive Trap but for two.

Mission Briefing : I think I write a lot already about this card, the more I play with the deck the more i think this card was made for mill XD. (seriously try it)

Visions of Beyond : A sleeping power nine card (Ancestral recall). The best fuel to the deck

Honorable mention Land

Field of Ruin : A must land because it force the opponent to search his/her library, easy combo with Fraying Sanity is turn 4 you could mill the opponent for the entire deck with Field of Ruin + Fraying Sanity + Archive trap + Archive trap/Glimpse the Unthinkable/Mission Briefing/Trapmaker's Snare = 47-54 mill card with him drawing 7 initial hand plus 1 per turn make 57-65 card mill

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds : Cute card when you need land to enter the battlefield for Hedron crab

Shelldock Isle : Good value for mill and with Breaking // Entering we can fuse the card very funny.

The sideboard

Dispel : for the burn, control, strom, combo deck, well anything with usefull instant, not like collective compagny because they play 20+ creature and we love that

Profane momento : Cute card against 20+ creature type of deck

Ravenous trap : When you gotta exile that graveyard (Drege, Emrakul, storm)

Echoing truth : Good answer to leyline of sanctity, it my personnal preference people may board in Set adrift

Surgical : sometime you want 1 or 2 more in the deck

Damnation : sometime you want 1 or 2 more in the deck

Card to know when you play mill because they very good against you : leyline of sanctity(or any effect that is the same), Geist of saint craft (hexproof with a very good clock), Emraku, the Aeons Torn (or any effet that is the same (the shuffle part)), Eidolon of the Great Revel (the burn is real), Any anti gain life card (Skullcrack),

This is my first deck I ever post, please be kind and mention anything I could adjust and Thanks for viewing this deck

''Hedrons perplex minds both great and small'' XD

And lastly, english is my second language, so if it clunky tell me about it.

Change in the deck

Augur of bolas + vision of beyond + trapmaker snare -> 3 x inquisition of kolilek

Log of the deck (In my local shop we are not many people)

3 rounds (with 7 people...)

1 match vs izzet control with drake won 2-1 (the inquisition of kozilek did work and in the side board dispell was nut. Mission briefing help too)

2 match vs simic value deck (not much to say the opponent deck was not finish and did not do much 2-0)

3 match vs U/R prison (they only have one thing we are affraid so... easy match 2-0) More next week


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