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This deck wants the Nivmagus elemental out turn 1 or 2 (depending if I want to save a U mana to not get Thoughseize'd). From there it's all about using the cipher spells to pump the magus using the costed copies.

Young Pyromancer is there to create chumps/Demon food for each spell I cast, whether it is exiled or not, also Trait Doctoring allows me to create a black elemental (for Lifebane Zombie, or anything else with Intimidate).

After a few hits my opponent will eventually be able to stop the cipher triggers, and Thassa is there to help with that, and get the Magus in for the final hit.

In the case of late games, that is where Aetherling and Keranos come in, with Izzet charm to dump lands for cards I need.

Another trick to this deck is Quicken, this can allow me to 'surprise' an opponent by encoding my Magus at the end of my opponents turn, or Divination if I need cards, or even Mortars to kill something of theirs.

Turn/Burn can also help get rid of creatures I need disposed of (works great for Gods!).

Most of the spells are cheap, so if in a pinch, I can cast them, then exile the spells to feed the magus if the game is close, or I am down (I've come back from me having 2 life and my opponent 12, 3 instant spells to feed the Magus to finish my opponent before they finished me).

Sideboard needs work, Traitorous in case I want to steal something to attack, or block with Quicken. Akroan Crusader, and Triton fortune hunter for Heroic triggers, whether the spells resolve or not.


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