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Plays the long control game. Keep the board clear until you can get an Invisible Stalker equipped with a Sword of choice. Curiosity is great for card advantage, Batterskull to stabilize against Aggro.



slyfoxx06 says... #1

your article on the escapist caught my attention today as i was skimming the page, and after reading it, i figured i'd take a look at the deck in question you're bringing to the tournament. after looking at it, i have a few suggestions that i feel would make the deck better. (sorry for the large block of text)

land- if you're playing control, especially with equipment like you have it, i'd suggest filling your playset of Inkmoth Nexus . it's a scary beater, that can kill in half the time without being equipped. when equipped it can be absolutely devastating.

lands:-1 island-1 swamp+2 Inkmoth Nexus

IF you can afford it+2 Drowned Catacomb +2 Darkslick Shores

or+4 Darkslick Shores

next up, i have some suggestions for spells. while Curiosity is a fun card, it doesn't stand a chance in the tournament scene. filling out your Ponder s will be a great way to start, followed by adding either Think Twice or card:Tezzeret's Gambit, which can help kill creatures hit with card:Black Sun's Zenith, or get Ratchet Bomb to full charge, or poison, ect. my other complaint is that Sword of Body and Mind does the least for you in this situation. granted it can mill your opponent to death, if you're going against solar flare, you can also give them victory as well. think about putting it sideboard, though.

the last thing i'd suggest is to run either go for the throat OR doomblade maindeck, with the other sideboard. more often than not, you'll run into situational plays where one or the other won't work (example- go for the throat drawn vs tempered steel)

spells:-3 Curiosity -1 Sword of Body and Mind +1 Ponder

+3 Think Twice

OR+3 card:Tezzeret's Gambit

as well as-

-3 Doomblade+2 Go for the Throat +1 Dismember

OR -2 Go for the Throat +1 Doomblade+1 Dismember

lastly is your creature base. i've been wanting to do stuff with Invisible Stalker since he came out, and this application i feel is the right spot for him. but in addition, you may want to consider running Wurmcoil Engine . he fits the deck well, even if he's a 1 of, and you won't be as dissapointed if he dies. and lastly, if you can afford him fiscally, Snapcaster Mage is ALWAYS good to squeeze a use out of the counter you used last turn.

creatures:-1 Royal Assassin +1 Wurmcoil Engine


-3 Vault Skirge +3 Snapcaster Mage

all in all, these are just suggestions. but remember before the big game to playtest, playtest, playtest! Good luck at the tournament, and most of all have fun. looking forward to your write-up next week on the meta.

December 1, 2011 1:34 a.m.

encaen says... #2

Thanks, slyfoxx06!

I definitely agree with most of your suggestions here. The primary reasons things look the way they do are availability and budget. I'm thinking about the SB option for Body and Mind for a 4th Ponder but I'm not convinced I want to give up Curiosity for Think Twice . It's proven very effective when slapped onto a Stalker in my playtests and I can even cantrip it with a Nexus if I'm desperate. In any event, I'll swap them out this evening and play a few games to see how it goes, perhaps I'll surprise myself! I also briefly considered Azure Mage for draw as well as an extra body, but I expect he'd just get toasted before I got any use out of him.

As to the Doom Blade /Go for the Throat blend, I really like having access to both maindeck, but I'll push it to 4 and 1 to see how that works out. Definitely thinking that GftT is the one to go light on here given the prevalence of Inkmoth and the real possibility of Tempered Steel .

I'll see if I can borrow a Wurmcoil Engine before game day and swap him out with the Royal Assassin . I've not had much luck with the Assassin in testing as yet, and I certainly wouldn't mind another way to stabilize against aggro.

December 1, 2011 4:38 p.m.

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