Hello! My name is Dan. I'm an 18 year old college student who has a really huge passion for Magic! The deck's theme is Wizard tribal. A very close friend of mine would often play with his vintage Wizard's deck, and every time I played with him I would be in awe! One day I was feeling really down so he just up and gave it to me, so I decided to do the deck justice by making a deck dedicated to it!

My first EDH deck was the Teferi precon from 2014, and since then I've been refining and tuning this deck for years. The commander has changed a lot, from teferi to lorthos to baby jace to ertai to inalla, etc..) and in the end I ended up coming back to good ol' Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir. I'm posting this decklist because I'd love to hear suggestions and comments. This is my first post on this website, so sorry if this is formatted incorrectly! I appreciate all forms of criticism and would really appreciate a discussion on any number of the cards i have here (either in the deck or ones that I am thinking about. Also, if you could rate the deck's powerlevel on a scale of 1 to 10 that'd be awesome. Thank you! :D

My Meta: Very heavy on single target removal and very greedy.

Cards I'm thinking about / have considered

- Show and Tell: For the Omniscience nut draw. If I played this it would be towards turn 5 or 6 with omniscience in hand and a disallow/nimble obstructionist at the ready for any ETB silliness.

- Docent of Perfection: Since Docent of Perfection has the same CMC as my commander and does nothing the turn I play it (if I play it early / dont have FoW or Misdirection in hand) I really don't like it. I'd pretty much rather always play teferi in that instance. Also, this deck almost never wants to go wide. The tokens would be nice for things like patron wizard and Azami but become a non-bo with meekstone, which is one of the most powerful cards in the deck because of all the wimpy wizards ;)

- Naru Meha, Master Wizard: Aside from the fact that this is also a pseduo-non-bo with meekstone, generally speaking the anthem effect isn't going to do much. I really only have 4-6 wizards on the battlefield at most at a time so that effect is pretty much useless. In addition, I feel that although copying an instant/sorc i control is pretty good, archeomancer fits that role pretty well. 4 mana for a Twincast on a stick (albeit a wizard stick) seems not too good to me. Flash definitely helps though, and a card like this screams like an apology letter to all precon Inalla players.

- Wanderwine Prophets: Damn do I want to fit this guy in somewhere. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to go infinite with him in a way that fits the deck. Stolen Identity, Followed Footsteps and Infinite Reflection all match but none truly do anything of importance besides be one of three or more cards for a janky combo with the prophets. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

- Riptide Director: Azami already fits the role of card draw nicely without me having to pay 4 mana AND wait a turn to tap. Also, the most cards I'd ever really get out of him (barring token shenanigans, which this deck doesn't currently have) is like, 4 to 6 at a time max. Fun card though, and Teferi kind of circumvents the lack of haste by casting at end of opponents turn.

- Voidmage Prodigy: This deck is very resource intensive, so sacrificing a wizard to counter a spell is not something I want to do. Patron wizard handles being an annoying pest more.

- High Tide: Blue's dark ritual. I feel like high tide would be good but I'm not sure where I would put it. Definitely a consideration.

- Naban, Dean of Iteration / Panharmonicon: There's just not enough ETB effects for me to warrant putting these guys in the deck. Double mulldrifter, double archaeomancer and double master of waves are great but in terms of doing things for my main gameplan (that is, accumulate value and win the game through a war of attrition) they are basically null.

- Braingeyser: I much prefer stroke of genius over braingeyser. I have a lot more utility lands and artifacts that tap for colorless so its possible that I could end up with only 1 blue mana at which case stroke is a lot better. The value I accrue from all of the other cards in the deck makes up for the 1 extra colorless mana. Though vedalken orrery and leyline of anticipation are in the deck, I don't think even having that much redundancy is enough to be able to cast the geyser at instant speed consistently.

- Days Undoing: I feel like especially because I have the orrery and leyline (and teferi) skipping the rest of my turn isn't as bad as it seems.

- Time Spiral: Obviously an incredibly powerful card, I'm not quite sure I want to spend 60-80 dollars on this. I feel as though days undoing is better in this deck for the reasons stated above.

- Mind over Matter: This card is incredible and going infinite with Arcanis, the Omnipotent. What do you guys think?

- Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: This one is basically a given, I just haven't got my hands on it quite yet.

- Time Stop: Mostly for flavor but can also stop some

- Barrin, Master Wizard: Since most of the wins with the deck are attrition based a card that forces me to pay 2 mana AND sacrifice a permanent just to return a creature is basically an unnecessary winmore card. However, it can be searched with vedalken aethermage AND can remove indestructible creatures in a pinch, so... idk about this one.

- Homarid Spawning Bed: Fallen empires needs some love, man. :( Combos with Barrin!

- Apprentice Wizard: Seems too slow, even if he is a sol ring on a wizard's body.

That's everything I can think of! Thanks so much for reading this far if you did. I'm excited to hear all of your guys' thoughts!

If there's anything I can improve on in terms of formatting feel free to let me know as well, either as a comment or through DM C:

TL;DR: Mono-blue wizard tribal with Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir as commander. Woo!


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