"It only hurts because you believe it's really is happening"


This deck is milling with a cipher twist.

This deck is unusual and for that reason, it's hard to read, but believe me, it's better than it seems.Let me start by explaining how it works in 3 easy steps:Step 1: Send the cipher monkeysStep 2: Build a wall of creatures and slow the opponentStep 3: Mill to death

I'll try to explain now in more details how the deck works as clearly as I can. I'll show what I am trying to do and with what cards. In each parts, cards I consider more useful to achieve each goal are in order of efficiency. Please notes that some cards are in more than 1 list when they have more then one purpose.


Many of these cards abuses cipher and mill. If the opponent does not take care of them soon enough, they will just overcome him/her faster then it might have seem.

  • Consuming Aberration: This is the biggest threat of the deck. I can make this card abusive by using a lot of cipher and draw. From the time I put it into the battlefield, it can often mill an opponent in only 2 or 3 turns. As if it wasn't enough, I can make it unblockable.
  • Talrand Sky Summoner: As soon as he hits the battlefield, he starts building a flying army that can block almost anything or overcome the opponent in a few turns.
  • Undead Alchemist: Against creatures deck, this card is a beast ! It build an army faster then anyone and mill to death like crazy.
  • Jace's Phantasm: A 5/5 flying creature for 1cmc, what more should I say ?
  • Mindshrieker: Against mid-range and re-animator decks, this creature can become VERY big.
  • Stolen Identity: It can copy some of my other winning condition to just make it faster, or when the opponent try to get me with a really big threat, I just make myself more copies of it. It is some kind of back up plan and a way to accelerate to killing blow because one turn can make the difference between a lose and a win.
  • Rogues Passage: Because if Godzilla can disappear, than my fat aberration can too !!!


Before being able to cast cipher spells, I need good creatures with evasion.

  • Invisible Stalker: Definitly the best cipher monkey out there !
  • Jace's Phantasm: It could not be a cheaper cipher monkey, plus it can even become a 5/5 creature.
  • Mindshrieker: For 2 mana plus the ability to mill and to become a fatty. Not to take lightly.
  • Shriekgeist: It's a good cipher card and it can even mill. What more could I ask for ?
  • Talrand, Sky Summoner: This card is not supose to provide cipher monkeys, but having back up plans is always good.


Now that my cipher monkeys are there, I can start encoding them with cipher spells.

  • Hidden Strings: When I feel confident, it can make me cast all of my cards in no time for a faster win. It can also leave me open mana for Mindshrieker and Dimir Charm .
  • Paranoid Delusions: The only card that does both mechanics of this deck witch makes it an absolute 4 copies.
  • Hands of Binding: Can take control of the biggest threat on the battlefield.
  • Stolen Identity: Not only this card is adaptative, a winning condition, but also a cipher... It does everything I want and even more !


The next step is to mill at least a little bit so I can cast Consuming Aberration and trigger Undead Alchemist's second ability.

  • Paranoid Delusions: Usually, mill deck uses Mind Sculpt , but with all the cipher monkeys out there, this card is just better most of the time !
  • Shriekgeist: Not only this card can mill, but it can do it the turn I put my Consuming Aberration or my Undead Alchemist on the battlefield for no additional mana.
  • Thought Scour: It's not gonna mill anyone to death, but for one mana it as a great synergy with all the rest of the deck.
  • Mindshrieker: It's the card that will use my unused mana witch is always good.
  • Undead Alchemist: If this card is not dealed with, it can mill to death in no time.
  • Dimir Charm: This card just mill as a back up plan, but I just love back up plan. It saved me many times from uncomfortable situations.


Card advantage is more than important and playing blue without it is asking for trouble.


This deck doesn't try to control anything, but some threats must be addressed.


My specialty is aggro, but I felt like doing something different so this is my first attempt at milling. Since I did not really know how to deal with that style, I made a lot of test to find the most efficient and the most original way to mill my opponent. I most often try to make original decks even if it's really hard to make competitive.

So here are all the test that I made before choosing this deck.. All of them with a deferent approach:

U-mill-iating - Control versionU-mill-iating - Creature versionU-mill-iating - Instant versionU-mill-iating - Zombie version

If you know the style a little bit, if you are making tests like me, let me know what you think, let's just talk about milling for a moment to understand it better.

So... what do you think ?

Thanks in advance.


Updates Add

2-0 vs a Dimir mill (easy won)

1-2 vs a Naya Sliver (Almost won 2-0, third game was less close)

1-1 vs an Azorius control (very close games)

no opponent - I got a free win for I did not have an opponent on the last match-up.

Consistency as gave the deck a good upgrade ! But now, I feel like I was winning more often when I draw Talrand, Sky Summoner and Undead Alchemist, and I lost when I did not draw them. They can win by themselves or just keep me alive until Consuming Aberration gets on the battlefield. So having only 3 was not enough. Now I am playing 5 of thoses. I can't wait to see how it will affect my next FNM.

And by the way, a very special thanks to all of you who helped me getting to this point !

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