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Tyrannical Brooding (Sidisi Graveyard Advantage)

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai) Loam


Welcome to my Sultai EDH deck. While I am still play testing this, I have obsessed over just about every card's inclusion in this deck. That being said, I always love suggestions.

The goal of the deck is to turn your graveyard into an ever evolving card advantage engine. By milling yourself and sifting through draw/discard abilities you can repeatedly dump valuable utility pieces into your easily accessible graveyard.

Rather than centering any combo or win conditions around Sidisi, her presence just makes everything in my deck better.

The other key aspect of this deck is getting double value out of as much as possible. Between Flashback, Unearth, Persist, Undying, Dredge, and good old reanimation spells and abilities, every card in my hand and graveyard is pulling double duty.

One of my favorite elements of this deck is the ability to react at instant speed to almost any threat. Look at the following ways I can sneak in Kederekt leviathan to take advantage of its bounce ability AT INSTANT SPEED. Doomed necromancer, riptide shapeshifter, makeshift mannequin, and the scarab god all can do that with any of the great utility creatures in the deck.

This is for traditional multiplayer EDH, competitive EDH/Commander is a waste of time.


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