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Tymna Thrasios on a budget

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This is more of a budget version of Tymna / Thrasios. I don't have the intention to purchase Cradle, Mana Crypt or Mox Diamond (or other such expensive cards), at least for now. I'm pretty new to cEDH, so going all out and buying thousands of dollars worth of cards doesn't sound so appealing to me currently.

I'm not saying this build is cheap! It's just a lot more budget friendly than what it would be if fully optimized.

The build was recently changed from the normal Breakfast - combo into Spellseeker + Oracle.

A clear upside to this build is that after Oracle was released, you no longer have to run as many dead Hulk pieces in the deck. It freed up a lot of space and enabled you to fill those slots with more utility, while eliminating a lot of dead draws.

Even though Oracle boosts this deck a lot, the reason I fell in love with these partners is because they're so resilient and can adapt to different game states very smoothly. Blood Moon / Back To Basics still fucks this deck over since we're playing Hermit Druid but it's still worth to run due to the sheer speed of it. You can also build a deck for Tymna and Thrasios that's not Flash Hulk, even if the variant is one of the strongest ones, if not the strongest. You can still go for the CST route or for a Reanimator build, for example.

I still think that Flash is a prefect candidate for banning, even though I play it myself. I'm also down with banning Thassa's Oracle since it pretty much ties a lot of these broken / strong combos together for a lot of decks and eliminates a lot of previously viable strategies. Oracle + Consult is now the default rather than one of many valid options for any UBx build.

(Mana required: + )

Cast Flash and then sacrifice Protean Hulk for it. With Hulk bring out Spellseeker and Thassa's Oracle.

You search a Demonic Consultation with Spellseeker as it ETBs and then cast it while Oracle's ETB is still on the stack. You no longer have a library and Oracle's ability wins you the game.

(NOTE:You can also search Tainted Pact with Spellseeker and replace Consultation with it. It's just costs one more colorless mana to cast but the line is still exactly the same.)

(Mana required: )

Cast Flash and then sacrifice Hulk for it. With Hulk bring out Cephalid Illusionist, Nomads en-Kor and Thassa's Oracle.

(You can still bring out a 1 mana creature of your choice with this line in addition to the three above.)

With Oracle's ETB on the stack, you hold priority and mill your deck with Illusionist and Nomad.

(Mana required: + OR depending on if you're using Consultation or Pact + for any 1-cmc creature, usually a mana dork)

You need to have a 1-mana cost creature on the field for Neoform (any mana drok will do). Then after you cast Neoform you search your deck for Thassa's Oracle and with the ETB in stack, you cast either a Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact in response to it and win the game.

(Mana required: + )

You need to have Hermit Druid in play and it being able to activate his ability. You then summon Thassa's Oracle and with the ETB in stack you mill your deck with Hermit Druid and win the game.

(Mana required: + and mana for Oracle or Lab Man / Jace )

You cast Ad Nauseam and then in response you cast Angel's Grace. Now you can draw your entire deck and slam in Thassa's Oracle (or Lab Man / Jace) and win.

In addition to the lines listed above you can pull off wins with Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries on the field pretty quickly.

If you have either Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact in hand, you can just play a cantrip (Tymna trigger is fine for this as well) and in response to that you exile your deck and win the game.

You can also set up cute plays where you cast Flash to put a Lab Man in play permanently, not letting it be sacrificed, in response to a cantrip and playing either Consultation or Pact before the cantrip resolves, exiling your library which lets Lab Man win you the game on the spot.

This gives your opponents less time to interact with your pieces since this can all be done at instant speed, given that you have enough mana to pull it off.

Obviously, Flashing in Thassa's Oracle and then using Pact or Consultation in response to the ETB trigger is a solid play but that should be pretty obvious to anyone who has played with the deck.

Feedback is always appreciated!


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