A pillow fort and voltron EDH deck based aruond Tuvasa the Sunlit . Tuvasa the Sunlit , Aura Gnarlid , Kor Spiritdancer , Yavimaya Enchantress , and any of the other enchantresses provide cheap bodies to voltron up, while Bruna, Light of Alabaster , Archetype of Imagination , and Sovereigns of Lost Alara help close out the game.

This deck has been playing great for me, and depending on the matchup it can either have a solid slow and steady start right out of the gate, or hang back and pillow fort up for a while then take over the board with one explosive turn. There's some solid ramp with the land enchantments, a number of enchantment tutors and recursion spells and abilities, and the enchantresses provide a lot of card draw. There's a fair bit of evasiveness to get attacks through the opponent's creatures, with Flickering Ward actually being one of the key cards in my experience. And, most importantly for EDH in my opinion, it can recover very well from a board wipe.

I think the next area I'll look at is the mana base, budget allowing. It's certainly not bad now, but there have been games where I get stuck on too little of a certain color for a few turns. Mainly I'd like to add some good fetches for better fixing.

It could also stand to have another board wipe.


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