The enchantment deck I have always dreamed of! The deck includes a few infinite combos, but mostly I wanted to build this deck because it reminds me of my childhood playing in Urza block.

This deck has the Earthcraft + Sacred Mesa / Squirrel Nest / Luminarch Ascension + 1 enchanted basic land combo or Heliod, God of the Sun + Serra's Sanctum + Skybind combo

Since most of those combos are only 2/3 card combos, Plea for Guidance will fetch you what you need and win you the game. Your Mystical Tutor will find Cyclonic Rift and let everyone know you have it in hand, Enlightened Tutor can fetch removal or a key combo piece, and Sylvan Scrying and Crop Rotation can find Serra's Sanctum or a sac outlet land to kill off your Academy Rector .

The deck has some methods of protection including Heroic Intervention , Teferi's Protection , and Replenish in case you fail to protect from an Austere Command that wasn't in your favor.

I have added several sac outlets in High Market , Martyr's Cause , Greater Good , and Miren, the Moaning Well to get rid of Academy Rector on my terms. Martyr's Cause is also useful in my meta because there are a number of voltron decks so you can also just sac a token to it.

With 40+ total enchantments, you are sure to get your enchantress triggers and the deck is very low to the ground so you can get your engine going quickly and easily.

If you like this deck, I would love an Upvote and I am welcome to feedback. Thanks and happy brewing!


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