Enchantment commander deck, only have a few auras in here for removal. I tried to keep (enchant my stuff)auras away from this deck due to the commander running well by himself. Took out any non-instant speed enchantments that O-ring things. Trying to figure out what to take out & to put in. There's some enchantments on order that are coming in that'll level out this deck perfectly.

Tuvasa, the Sunlit by herself gets big and threating without the risk of using Auras that just go away after the creature gets exiled/dies.

Nylea's Colossus & Whitewater Naiads can get ridiculous with Tuvasa, the Sunlit

Running the lock-down combo Privileged Position+Sterling Grove

I run Avacyn, Angel of Hope & Sigarda, Host of Herons to protect my board from destroy/sacrifice effects.

Enchanted Evening is a good deterrent against a Merciless Eviction

My main wincon is self mill with Laboratory Maniac with Omniscience

Starfield of Nyx makes a good wincon against someone if everything else is wiped and there's no other way out.

I pretty much got the usual down, and I'm also going to be editing the deck to see what it may need. Going to try to fit in other essential wincons as well as just making it more responsive to more important threats. Since the release of C18 tomorrow, this weekend is going to be pure testing, to see how viable these enchantments are. Expect some weird cuts.


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