Hey gang, here's the deal, I was originally building a Bruna, Light of Alabaster control/voltron deck, and while I feel like it would hold up well one v one, it would make me a huge target in a multiplayer game and i probably would get focused out off the bat. Then I stumbled upon Tuvasa! I found a deck on here that had a lot of the enchantments I wanted to use in my Bruna build and I could still use Bruna as a win con! I made some changes to the lands and some of the spells to help with some graveyard recursion and changed the ramp around a little. I would love any and all advice both on what to take out, and if there's anything else you think that i should add in!


Updates Add

Removed: heliod's pilgrim / swords to plowshares / dovin's veto / auramancer's guise / render silent

Added: soul tithe / pariah / femeref enchantress / path of ancestry / Sram, senior edificer


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76% Competitive