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Just a minor tweak on the cEDH Edric deck. Mostly putting this up for my own records.

My personal call for using Growing Rites of Itlimoc   over Mystic Remora is that I have never cast Growing Rites and had it not transform the same turn. It helps you find a one-drop evader on ETB, and double Gaea's Cradle ensures you always can hit your extra turn spells. Mystic Remora is only effective in the early game and card draw is not something that we have a problem with in Edric. I felt the need to put this here because it is the one change from the official list on the cEDH conglomerate.

Additionally, I use Riftsweeper as a side board-esque option for retrieving extra turn spells in an exile heavy meta, when trying to continue the loop.


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