Release your inner Timmy!

So what if it's Magical Christmas Land? Well even if it doesn't play out this way, there are a ton of threats and ways to ramp into them. Some morph mischief to boot.

The deck has not been updated for rotation so has been changed to Modern legality.

Turn 1: Forest, Obscuring AEther

Turn 2: Forest/Island, morphed Rattleclaw Mystic

Turn 3: Forest/Island, Shaman of Forgotten Ways

Turn 4: Land, tap 2, flip Rattleclaw Mystic. Float the mana, tap Mystic and play Kiora, Master of the Depths. Tap Shaman of Forgotten Ways , float 2, tap remaining 2 lands to float 2 more. Use Kiora's +1 to untap a land and Shaman of Forgotten Ways . Add 3 more mana. You have 7 mana. Play Dragonlord Atarka.

Turn 5: Land, tap both shamans to float 3, tap and float 4 lands (but leave an Island untapped). Use Kiora's +1, repeat prior "combo" to add 3 more mana. You have 10 mana. Guess who you can cast? Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger !!! And that untapped Island? Save it for your Stubborn Denial ! Hope they scoop.


Turn 1: Land

Turn 2: Land, Rattleclaw Mystic

Turn 3: Play 3rd Land, cast Shaman of Forgotten Ways

Turn 4: Play Retreat to Coralhelm. Tap Shaman, float 2 mana. Play Wooded Foothills. Untap Shaman, tap for 2 more. Crack the fetch, pull a land, untap Shaman, add 2 more. Tap the new land. Cast Dragonlord Atarka. If you have Rattleclaw still, leave untapped for Stubborn Denial . Try and avoid blocking with rampers if possible to allow for midgame stabilization.

Turn 5: Tap Shaman, float 2, play land, untap Shaman, tap to float 2 more. Tap all 5 lands, tap Rattleclaw. Play Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger . Hope they scoop!


Turn 1: Forest, Obscuring AEther

Turn 2: Land, morphed Rattleclaw Mystic

Turn 3: Tap 2 lands to morph Rattleclaw, use his 3 mana to cast Retreat to Coralhelm. Tap Rattleclaw to float 1, play a fetchland to untap Rattleclaw and float 1, crack fetch rinse repeat. Play Shaman of Forgotten Ways .

Turn 4: Utilize above combo: tap Shaman to float 2, play fetch, untap float, crack fetch, untap float. You have 6 mana, tap 4 lands play Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger . Leave Rattleclaw untapped for Stubborn Denial mana.

Or use the four lands to cast Kiora, Master of the Depths, use the Coralhelm/Shaman/fetch combo to make 6 mana, tap Rattleclaw for the 7th(), play Dragonlord Atarka. Use Kiora's +1 to untap Rattleclaw and a land. You now have mana for either Stubborn Denial or Atarka's Command if they try and prevent Atarka's 5 ETB damage. ()At this point you can instead use Kiora's +1 to untap Shaman and a land for 3 more mana, play Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger but without Stubborn Denial back-up.

(Thanks to Trivium013 for this one!)

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Supporting Cast:

Den Protector : bring back a missing piece. Blends in with other morphs. Bring in against removal/discard/mill decks.

Conduit of Ruin: cheaper creatures is a good thing. So is searching for your Ulamog. (Thanks to matthewkwan)

Retreat to Coralhelm: combos with Shaman of Forgotten Ways to really ramp like crazy. Works even better with fetchlands!

Obscuring AEther: play your Rattleclaw Mystic morphed on turn 2. Takes the place of Elvish Mystic from the decks prior incarnation, giving you "3 mana" by turn 2.

Atarka's Command : extra land drop to trigger Retreat to Coralhelm + Shaman of Forgotten Ways , and to increase land count. And that's just one of the modes that's useful.

Nissa's Renewal: gain life to counter fetch life loss and get more lands in play for further ramping. Also helpful against aggro decks to stabilize for midgame. (Thanks to DarkDeathclaw)

Radiant Flames: good for eliminating allies and small blockers. Ideally played after Atarka/Ulamog/Woodland Wanderer in play as it will kill your mana shamans and morphs.

More to come...!

Suggestions appreciated, as are +1s! Even if you think it won't work, ya gotta gimme credit for trying! :)

There's a lot of Eldrazi ramp decks going around, this was one of the first. Lately folks have replaced the mana creatures with land fetch spells like Explosive Vegetation but this deck will likely be off most people's radars by now.


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This deck is explosive, but don't take my word for it: play test! How fast can you drop a fatty?

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