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turn 4 11 mana! (Peasant Scornful Tap)




Hi everyone,

So I found this card that looks really bad on first sight, but with one other janky card, it is actually pretty good! ( Energy Tap + Scornful Egotist ). So here is the plan:

Turn 1:Island or Lonely Sandbar.

turn 2:
Island play Silver Myr.

turn 3:
Island play Scornful Egotist for it's Morph cost.

turn 4:
Island unmorph Scornful Egotist, cast Energy Tap targeting Scornful Egotist, gain 8 colorless mana, and with your two Islands and your Silver Myr you have now 11 mana on turn 4!! now cast some big eldrazi to eventually win the game. ( tip: keep mana open and keep a Dispel or any other spell in your hand to protect your Scornful Egotist).

I also want to make a really-non-budget version of this deck (not in Peasant) with Omniscience... link here: (...)

My uncommons are 4x Pathrazer of Ulamog and Drownyard Behemoth



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