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Turn 2 10 Infect

Casual* Infect


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Assault Strobe + Giant Growth Is 8 infect for 2 mana (if applied to a 1/1 such as Glistener Elf. However, we aren't putting all our eggs in one basket. There are a couple of alternatives if the dream hand isn't drawn.

Unlike most infect which favor speed and surprise, we are going with a slightly slower alternative that should hit harder and last longer.

By turn 2 you should hopefully have one Glistener Elf, along with one Forest, one Assault Strobe and a Giant Growth. This should give you a 4/4 with Double strike and infect. If you have a Mutagenic Growth (at the cost of 2 life) you increase the creature to a 6/6.

Titanics to replace Monstrous,

Ichorclaw to replace Plague


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